Spanish prepositions: hasta, desde, hacia

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Prepositions are a complex group of words because they have different meanings and usages.

In Spanish, desde, hacia, and hasta are three prepositions you use when we speak about movement and directions, but that’s only one usage.

The next explanation will teach you what they mean and how to use them.

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spanish prepositions

“Desde”, “hacia” and “hasta” for movement

Prepositions of movement refer to the places or directions of movements.

They go with verbs like:

  • Ir – (go)
  • Venir – (come)
  • Caminar– (walk)
  • Correr – (run)
  • Volar– (fly)
  • Conducir – (drive)

and other verbs of motion.

Desde means “from a place” with verbs that talk about movement. It refers to the place where a movement or action starts.

Siempre camino desde la casa al trabajo.

I always walk from home to work.

Tú viniste corriendo desde la biblioteca.

You came running from the library.

Te veo desde aquí.

I see you from here.

Hacia means “to” or “towards”. It refers to the direction in which a movement is performed.

Muévete hacia la derecha.

Move to the right.

El bebé va hacia ti.

The baby goes towards you.

Mira hacia atrás.

Look behind.

Hasta means “until”, but also “to”. It refers to the destination.

Caminaremos hasta el río.

We will walk to the river.

El corredor corrió veloz hasta la meta.

The runner ran quickly to the finish line.

spanish prepositions desde hacia hasta

You could find some exercises here!

“Desde”,”hasta” and “hacia” for time

  • In the context of time, desde means the starting point of the action or estate.

Vivo en la ciudad desde 2003.

I live in the city since 2003.

Juan está jugando desde las 10:00.

Juan has been playing since 10:00.

No he comido nada desde ayer.

I have not eaten anything since yesterday.

If the reference is not a specific time, but another action you use desde + que + verb

No había venido desde que terminé la escuela.

I have not come since I finished school.

Estoy más relajada desde que nos mudamos.

I’m more relaxed since we moved.

Desde que llego a casa solo pienso en dormir.

When I come home I only think of sleeping.

  • With hace means the amount of time that an action or status has taken

No veo al perro desde hace tres horas.

I don’t see the dog since 3 hours ago.

El señor Ernesto vende pasteles desde hace mucho.

Mr. Ernesto sells cakes for a long time.

  • Hasta, on the contrary, is used to say when the action ends.

Marcos, puedes jugar video juegos hasta las 8 pm.

Marcos, you can play video games until 8 pm.

No tengo trabajo hasta el próximo martes.

I don’t have to work until next Tuesday.

Also, you can use hasta + que + verb, in the case an action ends when another happens

Era infeliz hasta que te conocí.

I was unhappy until I met you.

Cuido a mis hermanos hasta que mi mamá regresa.

I take care of my brothers until my mom comes back home.

  • Hacia, when talking about time, expresses an approximation.

El libro estará listo hacia finales de enero.

The book will be ready around the end of January.

Llego hacia mediodía.

I arrive around noon.

prepositions in spanish desde hacia hasta learning

Other meanings of “desde”, “hasta”, “hacia”

Desde + luego means “of course”.

Iré a tú fiesta desde luego.

Of course, I’m going to your party.

  • Hacia means tendency, opinion, concerning, towards, vocation and introduces feelings.

Tiene una preferencia hacia el arte.

He has a preference for the arts.

Siente amor hacia los animales.

She feels love for animals.

  • Hasta means “even”.

Limpié toda la casa, hasta el patio.

I cleaned the house, even the backyard.

Le caes bien a todos, hasta a mi mamá.

Everyone likes you, even my mom.

desde hacia hasta prepositions in spanish

Spanish prepositions

Reading or listening to the prepositions in context is the best way to learn and identify their meaning.

Practicing and using them will help you remember and master the use of desde, hacia, hasta, and all prepositions!

Keep learning!

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