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Learning Spanish Language PDF Download

Tired of spending and spending your time looking for options to learn Spanish?

Do you want to opt for a traditional method to boost your learning?

We give you the best alternatives to learn Spanish language PDF Download!

what is a downloadable pdf file

What is a downloadable pdf file

Downloadable pdf files are written materials for Spanish language learning. They are designed and created by language teaching professionals to facilitate the process for students.

They can include any topic, but their practices help you more in the reading and writing aspects. The advantage is that they are like any book, only they are stored digitally on the web.

Some downloadable PDFs are paid and some are free. This time we will give you the ones that bring you the most benefits and savings.

what is included in the downloadable pdfs for learning spanish

What is included in the downloadable PDFs for learning Spanish?

Each book is like its title, unique and specific; and what is included depends on the author. We are sure that each topic is covered in-depth so that you have everything you need in one place. These are some of the topics included in the downloadable PDFs for learning Spanish.

  • Grammar theory and practice.
  • Hispanic culture: Culture, gastronomy, and idiosyncrasy.
  • Pronunciation and phonetics.

Top 5 best downloadable PDF’s to learn the Spanish language

Like you, we know that there are an infinite number of books and written material downloadable in PDF. Some of them are very well structured and cover a variety of topics. Others are more specific and help you understand strategic parts of the language.

After having studied their contents, we want to share them with you. This is the top 5 best downloadable PDFs to learn the Spanish language. They are totally free to download, so you won’t have to pay a penny.

learning spanish how to understand and speak a new language

1. Learning Spanish: How to Understand and Speak a New Language

Learning Spanish: how to understand and speak a new language is a comprehensive Spanish course designed especially for beginners. From start to finish, you will notice how specifically each topic is covered.


  • 30 lessons.
  • The Alphabet.
  • Correct pronunciation of consonant and vowel sounds.
  • Greetings and responses to greetings.
  • Essential grammar topics.
  • Vocabulary lists with over a thousand words.
  • Cultural information from Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Appropriate contextual use of grammar and vocabulary.
  • How to form sentences in the present tense with all verbs.
  • Construction of sentences in the present progressive tense.
  • Structuring sentences in the future tense.
  • Expressions of past events.
  • Conjugating and using the preterit with all verbs.

Course Objectives

  • That you learn Spanish.
  • Develop your language skills.
  • Achieve successful communication in Spanish.
  • Practice and improve your Spanish reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

What you get

  • Proficiency in Spanish content equivalent to the first semester of college.
  • Ability to express yourself with verbs.
  • Proficiency in the use of nouns, adjectives, and adverbs.

fsi spanish basic course volume 1 student text

2. FSI – Spanish Basic Course – Volume 1 – Student Text

FSI – Spanish Basic Course – Volume 1 – Student Text is a PDF focused on speaking and listening skills. Students learn through guided imitation, a method used successfully since World War II.


  • 70 units of study.
  • Each unit requires 10 hours of classroom and lab time.
  • Material is relatively small and easy to produce.
  • Sounds, sequences, and patterns of the language.
  • Spanish is spoken in real life.
  • Attention to pronunciation problems.

Course Objectives

  • Teach you to speak with ease and fluency.
  • To speak Spanish without conscious effort.
  • Develop a neutral accent.

What you get

  • Dialogues and exercises were overlearned.
  • Rapid progress in learning Spanish.
  • Mastery of Spanish sounds.
  • Accurate imitation of native-level conversations.
  • Development of good pronunciation habits from the beginning.

booklet language kit spanish.pdf

3. Booklet-Language-Kit-Spanish

Booklet-Language-Kit-Spanish is a must-have reference workbook for learning the basics of traveling abroad. Spanish-speaking countries use common phrases and expressions that have been captured in this guide.


  • Useful Spanish expressions
  • Grammar rules
  • Cultural tips
  • Recommendations

Course Objectives

  • Learn Spanish from an in-depth exploration of Spanish-speaking countries.

What you get

  • Discover the gastronomy, cinema, music, and way of life of Spain and Latin America.
  • Learn the easiest language for English speakers.

online advanced spanish book.pdf

4. Online_Advanced_Spanish_Book

Online_Advanced_Spanish_Book is a PDF intended for students of Spanish who have already mastered most of the basic grammar. If you wish to advance to the next level, this material provides everything you need to do so at your own pace.


  • Specific aspects of Spanish usage.
  • Brief practices to check the understanding of the material studied.
  • Reviews to link the previous sections.
  • Index with a checklist to edit your writing.
  • Diagrams for quick review.
  • Lists and summaries of appendices.

Course Objectives

  • Meeting the basic needs of the advanced level student, accurately and concisely.
  • Serve as a reference work while writing.

What you get

  • Control learning details.
  • More precise awareness of how Spanish works.

español 101

5. Spanish 101

Spanish 101 is a PDF material that invites you to immerse yourself in the language from every possible angle. It intends to show you firsthand the richness of the Hispanic language and culture.

From its emergence to its importance in the world, it will give you thousands of reasons to learn Spanish. At the same time, you will learn expressions, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

More PDF’s to download

Spanish language learning is a broad, diverse, and rich as the language itself, so you shouldn’t settle for less. That’s why we’ve got more PDFs to download. They are super interesting options that will perfectly complement your Spanish language learning process.

shared knowledge is wisdom

Shared knowledge is wisdom

Knowledge seeking is an individual, unique, and intimate path with ourselves. While beautiful, it´s also full of ups and downs where we stumble upon misinformation or information of little value. That´s why knowledge only comes to those who truly seek it.

What there is no doubt about is that shared knowledge is wisdom. And wisdom is nothing more than knowledge put into practice. Every time you learn something new, instead of selfishly keeping it to yourself, share it with the world.

Take learning Spanish as an open door to new experiences. Share your knowledge of the Spanish language with those who are tirelessly seeking it just like you!

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