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AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam Preparation Workbook PDF

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Do you want to get a 5 on the AP Spanish language test?

Here’s the key!

Download the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam Preparation Workbook PDF for free!

about ap spanish language and culture preparation

About the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam Preparation Workbook

The AP Spanish Language and Culture exam preparation workbook is just a click away. Now you’ll see what it’s all about and how, thanks to a simple book, you’ll be ready to get a 5.

A book designed by College Board to provide its students with the context and content required to develop their language skills. It specifies the requirements and all the information needed to succeed on the test.

Thematically focused workbook for authentic resources to support you throughout the course. The structure of the book is as follows:

  • Acknowledgments
  • About AP
  • AP Resources and Supports
  • Instructional Model
  • About the Spanish Language and Culture Course
  • College Course Equivalent
  • Prerequisites

Course Framework

  • Introduction
  • Course Framework Components
  • Unit Guides
  • Using the Unit Guides
  • Unit 1: Families in Different Societies
  • Unit 2: The Influence of Language and Culture on Identity
  • Unit 3: Influence of Beauty and Art
  • Unit 4: How Society and Technology Affect Our Lives
  • Unit 5: Factors that Impact the Quality of Life
  • Unit 6: Environment, Political, and Society Challenges

Achievement Level Description

  • Introduction

Instructional Approaches

  • Selecting and Using Course Material
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Developing Course Skills

Exam Information

  • Exam Overview
  • Sample Exam Questions

Scoring Guidelines

  • Question 1: Email Reply
  • Question 4: Cultural Comparison

You have the flexibility to organize the content of the book as you wish. Download AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam Preparation Workbook PDF!

ap spanish workbook contents

AP Spanish exam workbook contents

The AP Spanish exam workbook content has 6 units. Each unit covers everyday topics within Spanish-speaking countries. Below we will delve a little deeper into them so that you know what you can expect.

1. Families in different societies

Families in different societies it´s segmented into 6 topics taught by 2 teachers through videos. You can find them on Youtube and in the student resources section.

1.1. Promotional Materials

  • Identify the main idea and purpose of the text, the supporting details, and the intended audience.
  • Working with vocabulary words both familiar and unfamiliar to determine their meaning within the context of a text.
  • Identifying cultural connections and topics.

1.2. Letter

  • Parts and functions of a formal letter.
  • Main idea and supporting details in a letter.

1.3. Conversation and chart.

  • Identify the main idea and supporting details in a conversation and chart.
  • Identify data in an infographic and determine the meaning of a variety of vocabulary.
  • Identify a point of view; make cultural connections.

1.4. Email Reply

  • The beginning stages of writing an interpersonal email reply, and what one should include in the email.
  • Conventions of formal email; how to respond to questions and ask for more information.
  • Practice and application: analysis of an email and practice response.

1.5. Conversation

  • How to make meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary through context clues and use strategies for initiating, maintaining, and closing conversations.
  • Participating in a conversation as fully and completely as possible, providing relevant information, and using the appropriate register for the situation.
  • Using traditional communication strategies to enhance communications; making cultural connections.

1.6. Cultural Presentation

  • The beginning stages of researching to create cultural presentations, with a focus on products, practices, and perspectives.
  • Identifying cultural elements (products, practices, and perspectives) in students’ communities, and other Hispanic communities.
  • Creating an effective cultural presentation, with a focus on comparing Fiesta de San Juan and/or a similar festival in students’ communities.

influence of language and culture on identity

2. The Influence of Language and Culture on Identity

The influence of language and culture on identity is segmented into 5 topics. It is also taught by 2 professors through class videos.

2.1.  Literary Text

  • Identifying and summarizing information from an excerpt of a literary text.
  • Interpreting the distinguishing features of the text such as purpose, perspective, tone, or attitude.

2.2. Article and Chart

  • Explore strategies for success on the article and chart section of the AP Exam.
  • Review strategies for success on the multiple-choice questions related to the article and chart.

2.3. Audio Report and Article

  • Identifying and summarizing information from a nonfiction text.
  • Cultural connections through summarizing information from audio.
  • Connections between the article and audio and how to make connections between the disciplines.

2.4. Argumentative Essay

  • How the presentational writing task will be assessed.
  • Using appropriate writing strategies to communicate an idea for presentational writing.
  • Expressing and making an argument, integrating sources with details, and citing sources appropriately.

2.5. Cultural Comparison

  • Delve into the cultural comparison task, looking at why culture is important and how to best understand cultures.
  • What is required on the cultural comparison task and how to compare two communities.

influence of beauty and art

3. The Influence of Beauty and Art

The Influence of Beauty and Art is divided into 7 themes. Two teachers who will address your concerns immediately teach the lessons.

3.1. Promotional Materials

  • Identifying the main ideas and supporting details, as well as summarizing the information in narrative form.
  • Rhetorical structures and strategies, as well as deducing the meaning of unfamiliar words.

3.2. Literary Text

  • How to identify the main ideas and supporting details.
  • How to identify the intended audience, tone, and the point of view of the author.

3.3. Letter

  • How to understand the purpose of a letter.

3.4. Conversation and Chart

  • Introduce the Conversation and Chart section of the AP Exam and discuss relevant strategies for success.
  • Provide examples for students to practice the Conversation and Chart section of the AP Exam.

3.5.  Email Reply

  • Review the Formal Email and focus on strategies for success on the AP Exam.
  • Allow students to practice with the formal register and improve skills in interpersonal writing.

3.6. Conversation

  • The conversation task of the AP Exam will focus on strategies for success in interpersonal speaking.
  • Review examples of the interpersonal speaking task and provide students the opportunity to implement strategies learned.

3.7.  Cultural Comparison

  • Developing a process for spoken presentations, as well as using a variety of vocabulary words and idiomatic expressions.
  • Organizing principals of a spoken presentation.
  • Using a variety of grammar and syntax as well as identifying products, practices, and perspectives.

how society and technology affect our lives

4. How Society and Technology Affect Our Lives

How Society and Technology Affect Our Lives is segmented into 6 themes. Two qualified professors are in charge of teaching the classes alternately.

4.1. Article and Chart

  • How to identify and describe the main ideas in the two sources provided.
  • How to identify points of view from a given text.
  • How to make interdisciplinary and cultural connections.

4.2. Interview

  • How to make cross-cultural and interdisciplinary connections.
  • How to identify and describe points of view, tone, or attitude when interpreting the content of the source.

4.3. Instructions

  • How to describe the literal meaning of a source.
  • How to identify the purpose of the source and deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words.

4.4. Presentation

  • Interpretation of distinguishing features in an audio presentation.
  • Strategies on how to infer the meaning of new vocabulary from the context provided.

4.5. Argumentative Essay

  • Provide strategies for organized written presentations as well as how to present a clear point of view.
  • Use of sophisticated language structures and cohesive devices to present a point of view.
  • Strategies on how to integrate a point of view with authentic sources in written presentations.

4.6. Cultural Comparison

  • How to integrate cultural products and practices to support the presentation of cultural perspectives.
  • Use of varied and sophisticated vocabulary.

factors influencing quality of life

5. Factors Influencing Quality of Life

Factors Influencing Quality of Life is divided into 7 different topics. Two high-level professors teach the classes.

5.1. Literary Text

  • How to make cultural connections.
  • How to interpret the meaning and features of a text.

5.2. Conversation and Chart

  • How to interpret data from a chart.
  • How to identify the purpose and point of view of an audio text.

5.3. Interview

  • How to identify the purpose and point of view in spoken exchanges.

5.4. Instructions

  • How to identify the tone and point of view of an authentic audio source.
  • How to deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words in a familiar context.

5.5. Email Reply

  • Use of varied vocabulary in written exchanges.
  • Use of communicative strategies in written exchanges.
  • Use of cohesive devices and complex sentences in written exchanges.

5.6. Conversation

  • How to use words appropriate for a given context.
  • How to understand and apply appropriate communication strategies in interpersonal speaking.
  • How to apply appropriate and varied expression in interpersonal speaking.

5.7. Cultural Comparison

  • How to use words appropriate for a given context.
  • How to express a perspective with details and examples to illustrate an opinion or idea.
  • How to use appropriate vocal and visual strategies as well as appropriate language and vocabulary when doing presentational speaking.

environmental political and social challenges

6. Environmental, Political and Social Challenges

Finally, Unit 6: Environmental, Political and Social Challenges, is divided into 5 themes. They are also taught by 2 highly qualified professors.

6.1. Article and Chart

  • How to describe data from a graph, graphic, or infographic.
  • How to deduce the meanings of words or phrases from a given text.
  • How to make interdisciplinary and cultural connections.

6.2. Audio Report and Article

  • How to identify the main idea of the sources.
  • How to make cultural connections.
  • How to identify points of view from the source.

6.3. Presentation

  • How to identify relevant supporting details.
  • Help students make cultural connections based on the topic and theme.
  • Help students to interpret the distinguishing features of a text.

6.4. Argumentative Essay

  • How to express ideas and opinions with appropriate language in a given context.
  • How to use appropriate strategies and planning to communicate an idea

6.5. Cultural Comparison

  • Using appropriate vocabulary words for a given context.
  • Integrating and using appropriate strategies to communicate ideas in presentational speaking.
  • Developing and describing perspectives or opinions based on a text.

downloading free

Downloading free

The AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam Preparation Workbook PDF has it all. Get the most out of it by downloading free and start organizing your study topics.

Take your time to learn, practice, and improve the areas where you have deficiencies. Set your own schedule and practice Spanish daily.

Teachers guide you through the content, clarify your doubts, and practice with you. Dare, take charge of your AP test and score a 5!

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