I Hate the Spanish Language

Do you think Spanish is a beautiful and linguistically rich language?

What about the negative opinions that hinder your choice to learn it as a second language?

Stay with us and we’ll tell you why some people say I hate the Spanish language!

What is Hispanic hate

We know that hatred is a (human) feeling of repulsion towards a thing, situation, or person. It produces the desire to harm, hurt, eliminate, or destroy that what is hated.

It is also known as dislike, antipathy, aversion, and repulsion. What few of us know is that it´s only one-step away from love. They are opposites of the same nature.

Let us explain it in another way. Imagine that feelings are like a rope, one end is love and the other is hate. Both, though different and opposite, are equal in nature.

Now that we know them better, let’s analyze what is Hispanics hate. It´s the fear, aversion, distrust, or discrimination towards the Spanish language, Spaniards, Latinos, and Hispanic culture. The word Hispanophobia completely and perfectly encompasses all of these anti-Hispanic feelings.

Why Hispanophobia exists

If you are wondering why Hispanophobia exists, we will tell you right away. Phobias are fears, apprehensions, and rejections towards things that are generally unknown to us.

In this case, the hatred of Hispanic culture has had three peak moments in history. Originated in 16th century Europe, accentuated during the war over Spanish and Mexican territory in the 19th century. Some political controversies have expanded Hispanophobia to other territories, due to bilingual education and illegal immigration to the United States in the present day.

Unfortunately, it exists in many social environments. The point is that hatred only leads to the imminent destruction of society. A destruction that affects us all equally, regardless of who hates and who is hated.

Why I hate the Spanish language

Beyond what we have analyzed, we hear negative opinions from people about Spanishness. But, why I hate the Spanish language.

There are many reasons on a personal and social level that we have delved into. Just as we have the causes, we will also provide possible solutions.

If you have been the one who hates Spanish or have been affected by the hatred of others, read on, this will interest you.

Companies prefer Spanish speakers

One of the main Hispanic-phobic discourses is that companies prefer Spanish speakers. Not only companies in Spanish-speaking communities, but also companies that are far away. This happens mostly in cities in the United States.

  • Who is affected?

People who are committed to an English-only culture and education.

  • Why am I so affected when companies hire professionals who are fluent in Spanish?

Because they lack a little open-mindedness to adapt to the changes and demands of today’s society.

  • What can I do?

Learning Spanish is the best solution. If it’s not your thing, simply opt for jobs that require staff who speak only English.

Schools teach Spanish to native English speakers

It’s no secret that Spanish is the most recommended second language to learn from childhood. More and more countries are adopting this measure so that children have a complete education. That’s why schools teach Spanish to native English speakers.

  • How does learning Spanish in school affect my child?

Learning Spanish as a second language at school does not affect your child negatively. On the contrary, you will see their social and academic skills improve.

  • Will learning Spanish as a second language make my child forget native English?

Not at all, you never forget what you learn well. Children who learn Spanish as a second language are more fluent in expressing themselves. In addition to acquiring extra conflict resolution skills.

  • Can my child be a failure for speaking Spanish in school?

Mastering a second language as popular as Spanish will only make your child more popular in their social circle. He will have millions of additional academic and professional possibilities in his adult life. It will be much easier for them to achieve their life goals and dreams.

Fully Hispanicized cities

Seeing fully Hispanicized cities is another major concern of conservative U.S. citizens. And it´s natural to fear that our nation will be overrun and destroyed by foreigners.

Despite global advances that foster social inclusion as opposed to discrimination, Hispanophobia is present. What we must not allow is for that fear to result in the destruction of citizens who have the same human rights as we do.

Moreover, we must not let our fears lead us to harm our fellow man who had to leave his homeland in search of better opportunities. Those who work from sun up to sun down for the nation that welcomed them warmly.

  • How does mostly Hispanic cities affect me?

Mostly Hispanic cities can bring you many more advantages than you can imagine. Interact with people from other places, thoughts, ideologies, and customs. Enjoy a delicious and varied gastronomy, the best wines in the world, cheeses, tapas, and traditional dishes from many Hispanic countries.

  • Will I still be safe after interacting with Hispanics?

Of course, you will still be safe. As with all nationalities, Hispanics have honorable people and not so honorable people.

What they do have is a great sense of friendship; they are cheerful, fun, and passionate. They are capable of giving their lives for their loved ones. And just like you, they too are afraid of being hurt by those social trends filled with hate and discrimination.

Spanish is a very difficult language to learn

Most haters say that Spanish is a very difficult language to learn. The truth is that it has a certain degree of difficulty compared to English, but it is not mission impossible.

If this is your case, remember that you can achieve anything with discipline and determination. Maybe you just need to walk around one of these mostly Hispanic cities and immerse yourself in the Hispanic culture.

Keep in mind that rules, verb conjugations, vocabulary, and pronunciation are best learned with native Spanish speakers. If you have them as neighbors, instead of seeing them as enemies, join them and keep growing.

American supremacy

As a native of the United States, you were probably educated in American supremacy. Yes, it´s a great nation of brave men, powerful, developed, which has sheltered millions of foreigners who fled their homeland. It has supported small peoples in their emancipation and has contributed much to the development of humanity.

However, there is a phrase of Gandalf the Wizard, from the Lord of the Rings, which speaks about courage and power. He says, “Courage is not knowing when to take a life, but when to spare it.”

American supremacy, properly understood and practiced, is one of the best things that can happen to the world. It´s the older brother who stands up for the younger brother at school against bullying. It´s the man who stands up for the girl who is being abused by her boyfriend.

The true demonstration of power is in knowing that your cultural roots are well rooted. In integrating and sharing the table with your new Latino friends. In learning from the weak because we all have things to learn and to teach.

You are free, son of free parents, born in a free nation! Feel free to learn the Spanish language and take advantage of millions of new and improved opportunities!

Juanes – Odio Por Amor

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