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Spanish Language Podcast NPR

Are you a fan of Latino news and content?

Would you like to learn more about this culture?

Spanish language podcast NPR is your best choice!

about npr

About NPR

Before we delve into the topic at hand, I want to show you a couple of things about NPR. The acronym stands for National Public Radio, a non-profit organization. It arose in the United States and is dedicated to public broadcasting throughout the territory.

It was founded in 1970 to inform the public through a variety of programs. The following are some of the most recognized.

  • Morning Edition
  • All Things Considered
  • Weekend Edition
  • Wait Wait
  • Don’t Tell Me
  • Day to Day
  • Science Friday
  • Car Talk
  • Fresh Air
  • On Point

news to cultural programming

News to cultural programming

As you can see, NPR produces programs for more than a thousand radio stations, covering all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Content varies from news to cultural programming. Everything created on NPR is broadcast on stations that pay a fee for rebroadcast.

  • Funding
  • Subscription Fees
  • Donation campaigns
  • Subscription points
  • Grants
  • Federal Funds

neutral content

Neutral Content

Despite criticisms about NPR being both liberal and conservative, the organization generates neutral content. It´s important to recognize the impartiality with which they choose trending topics. Especially when it comes to news those other media outlets are already covering.

NPR numbers

  • Weekly audience: 33.1 million
  • Stations: More than 1000
  • Bureaus: 35 international and 18 domestic
  • Weekly web visits: 16.3 million
  • Weekly app users: 2.6 million

radio ambulante spanish language podcasts npr

Radio Ambulante Spanish language podcasts NPR

This is Spanish-language content specifically targeted to Latino audiences. Radio Ambulante Spanish language podcasts NPR celebrates the diversity of the region.

This pioneering podcast chronicles and tells stories of Latin American life. Using long-form audio journalism to broadcast under-reported stories about underserved areas.

It may not be all rosy and fun, but you will get a big dose of reality. The first thing you think of when you listen to them is how to contribute to making the world a better place.

Most of the stories are so every day but the kind that we tend to let pass us by. We often don’t get involved due to a lack of interest. Other times, maybe that is our own story.

Recommendation’s list

  • Las llaves
  • La rata que amé
  • Atentamente: anónimo
  • Toy Story (repeat)
  • Arroz a la zorra
  • ¿Alguien ha visto a este muchacho?
  • El único intérprete
  • Cocorí
  • Hombre vs. Máquina [repeat]
  • Que Dios nos ayude

top 3 reasons why npr spanish language podcasts

Top 3 Reasons Why NPR Spanish Language Podcasts

Interested in listening to NPR Spanish language podcasts? Or are you still not convinced? Read on for the top 3 reasons why NPR Spanish language podcasts.

In this section, we will address audience opinions and also draw on NPR policies. You will understand why it´s a good place to learn, improve, and practice Spanish.


1. Accuracy

NPR Spanish-language podcasts are characterized by accuracy. While the stories and accounts are a bit crude in some cases, they are still the reality. A reality that we often ignore.

NPR takes care to verify that statements and claims are accurate. Always adhering to the truth and presenting the most complete view. It should be noted that all information is compiled and verified by each of the journalists who are part of this team.


2. Honesty

The trajectory of Spanish language podcasts NPR has been maintained over time. This is thanks to the honesty with which the topics are addressed. It is important to maintain both honest and sincere teamwork.

That’s why information is always attributed to the source where it comes from. Avoiding sensationalist conjectures and hyperbole. All information is edited and presented to the audience without deception.


3. Independent

As mentioned above, NPR Spanish-language podcasts are independent. This impartiality is because their main interest is to keep the public informed.

That’s where the credibility they have earned comes from. And maintaining their independence allows them to stay on the air, allowing us to learn about Latino culture.

equivalent exchange

Equivalent exchange

In life, some give more and those who receive less. And if I have learned anything valuable, it´s the law of equivalent exchange. A universal law in which all relationships must have equal give and take.

In my opinion, the policies governing NPR journalism bring a lot of truthful and valuable content to the community. In this sense, the community gives back with its loyalty and consistency as an audience.

The Spanish language also teaches us something related to equivalent exchange. Not in the literal sense of exchanging words from one language to another. But in the deeper sense of cultural exchange.

Hispanic cultures, especially Latino cultures, have been interested in getting to know the American culture. Daily, they share our customs, ways of life, and language. They transfer it to their respective native countries and thus we are known throughout the world with more strength.

Giving back, in the same way, involves getting to know these people, eating their typical dishes, and understanding how they live. Discover their cultural nooks and crannies, learn their language, and share it with our people.

Because giving and receiving information expands our horizons. As a friend told me, arrogance keeps us stuck, but humility takes us far.

Arrogance refers to believing that we know everything and that we are always right. Humility allows us to realize that this is not the case and we have much to learn from other cultures. If you want to learn about Latino culture, be sure to listen to NPR’s Spanish language podcasts!

Diego El Cigala: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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