The best headset for online language classes: Jabra Evolve 20 review

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What is the best headset for online classes, according to a language teacher? This is the Jabra Evolve 20.

No more concerns about noise or audio quality with the Jabra Evolve 20. View the audio sample down below!

Why a headset for online language learning?

Due to their superior sound and voice quality, headsets are an essential piece of online teaching equipment, and as an online Spanish teacher, I can attest. The best online tutoring headsets can have a significant impact on both teachers and students.

The best headphones are undoubtedly what you need to learn a language.

  • If you’re an online learner, the sound quality of your technology will allow you to hear every word your tutor says and allow them to accurately judge your pronunciation.
  • The sound quality of your equipment can help distinguish between an amateurish and a professional image of you as an online teacher. You appear as professional as your online teaching tools. As a result, you should spend money on high-quality equipment, such as headsets, rather than relying on stock options, which may be limited.

Your technology must enable you to communicate clearly and dependably with your instructors or students. With a high-quality headset, you can concentrate on your lesson rather than worrying about their ability to hear you, your ability to hear them, or background noise interference. This is true in particular in two ways:

  • Hear. You will have to compete with outside noise unless you’re in a soundproof room. A good headset will guarantee that you hear only the crucial sounds, such as your teacher or your student.
  • Being heard In-built microphones in headsets allow you to speak into a microphone rather than into some inaudible opening on the front of your laptop.

How to choose the best headphones for language learning

There are many functional and reasonably priced headsets available. The best headsets for online language courses don’t cost a lot to upgrade from standard to professional.

Most of the time, a good headset suffices. What are the best headphones to use when learning a language?

In my review of the Jabra Evolve 20, I talked about the features that I look for in a headset for online tutoring:

  • Fantastic microphone. Due to its distance from your mouth and ability to pick up every background noise, the onboard microphone on your laptop produces hardly acceptable audio. You should therefore purchase a set of headphones with a microphone that has high-quality audio. Even though you won’t be singing in the stadium, you still need to be able to be heard clearly.
  • Decent headphones. Since we’re essentially using video calls, good audio quality is sufficient. Although you don’t need the best headphones for this setup, you also don’t want to buy super-cheap models that will break in a few months or simply sound bad. On Skype, you won’t hear a symphony, but even if your room isn’t completely silent, your counterpart’s voice should be audible.
  • Compact. High-quality headphones for music listening, streaming movies, or playing video games are frequently large and cumbersome. In most cases, this is acceptable, but not when working as an online teacher. You want the student’s attention to be on you and the lesson, not the ridiculously large headphones you’re wearing.
  • Comfortable. When studying or instructing online, you should feel comfortable donning headphones, especially since this can take several hours per day.
  • Affordable. You can purchase a good set of microphones and headphones that will serve your needs at a reasonable cost if you put an emphasis on audio quality and disregard the glitzy extras. This translates to about USD 50.00 for me.

Other features of good headsets

On the other hand, even the best headset for online instruction has some features that I don’t think are all that important. Even though they’re among the top headsets available, I’m happy to part with them for a better deal.

  • Bluetooth connection. Although wireless equipment has a sleek appearance, is it really necessary to do without a cable? I study while seated at my desk, not while strolling through the park. I’d prefer to forgo this option since it typically doubles the cost. However, a wireless model is required if you want to learn Spanish while driving.
  • Acoustical isolation actively. At the top of product lines, this feature stands out. With the use of noise-canceling technology, all noise is eliminated. Although unquestionably helpful, this is typically not required to this degree, especially given that it increases the cost by a factor of five when compared to entry-level models. That would only be found in the best headset for online tutoring in noisy environments.
  • Headphones in leatherette. Although I wear foam headphones for three hours a day without any discomfort, they look and feel good. They are superior, but not required.
  • Hectic light. You probably don’t need this unless you work in a call center. You’re conversing with someone, so it’s clear that you’re busy. Therefore, this cannot be considered the top headset for online tutoring.
    adapter for analog audio. The headsets we’ve reviewed here connect via a USB cable, which is not available on MP3 players, tablets, or smartphones. However, you should be using a computer to type, share your screen, etc. if you’re serious about taking classes online. You can spend a few dollars on an adapter separately if you ever need one.
  • Case. Although the case or bag has a fancy logo, your headset can fit into any container. Most likely, you can find something cheaper in your drawers or buy a generic version.
    These features may be present in the top headsets for online instruction, but they are not necessary.

Jabra Evolve 20 review: my headset for online Spanish tutoring

I’m happy to recommend the same headset that I use for my online Spanish classes if your requirements are similar to those I listed above: the Jabra Evolve 20. This headset, in my opinion, works best for taking online language courses.

Jabra is a leading brand when it comes to office headsets, and its Evolve series headsets are popular choices. Several models are available that provide a variety of features and advantages, making them a top choice for different kinds of businesses.

Despite being the entry-level model in its series, the Jabra Evolve 20’s noise-canceling technology already makes it a fantastic choice for both teachers and students.

Both the microphone and the headphones are designed for passive noise cancellation; through the materials, they are made of, they work to block out sound waves from the surroundings. It is only $52.00 right now on

Mic audio quality test

Watch this brief video review of the Jabra Evolve 20 to see the difference between two subpar microphones.

You’ll see an illustration of the Jabra Evolve 20’s noise-canceling microphone in comparison to the built-in microphone of my laptop and the typical microphone that came with a smartphone. I contrasted how well they performed in both quiet and noisy environments.


  • Built-in laptop mic (0:44)
  • Mediocre headset (1:13)
  • Jabra Evolve 20 (1:42)


  • Built-in laptop mic (2:14)
  • Mediocre headset (2:41)
  • Jabra Evolve 20 (3:09)

You can see why this is the best headset for online instruction now that you know how it cancels noise and how inexpensive it is. My best headset for online classes may not be your best headset, though, if you have higher standards.

I’ll demonstrate some superior (but more expensive) alternatives from the same line of products as a result.

Better headset models from the same Evolve series by Jabra

I only suggested the USB headset in my Jabra Evolve 20 reviews because I use it for my online Spanish classes as both a student and a teacher. For me, the Jabra Evolve 20 works just fine.

Pick one of the following models, though, if you have extra cash to spare and require a feature that this model doesn’t offer.

Their differences in features and advantages are noticeable, but they all still have Jabra’s top-notch noise-cancellation technology. The top USB headsets for online instruction are listed below:

  • Jabra evolve 40 for better noise-canceling headphones (the mic is the same), corded
  • Jabra evolve 65 for wireless connection
  • Jabra evolve 75 for active noise cancellation, wireless
  • Jabra evolve 75e for active noise cancellation and in-ear wearing style, wireless
  • Jabra evolve 80 for over-the-ear wearing style, corded

If compared with my Jabra Evolve 20, the main upgrades are:

  • Better headphone cover material
  • More comfortable wearing styles
  • Busy light
  • Wireless connection
  • Active noise canceling
  • Accessories (adapter, case, charger)

The most effective headset for online learning may not always be the most effective headset for online teaching.
In actuality, it can be challenging for language learners to pay attention to what the teacher says.

The best headphones for online teaching may be something you want to invest in that situation. The Jabra Evolve 40, Evolve 75 or Evolve 80 are the models in question.

The Jabra evolve 65 or Jabra evolve 75e are your options if you also demand the best wireless headset for online instruction.

The Jabra evolve 75, Jabra evolves 75e, or Jabra Evolve 80 are the best noise-canceling headphones for online teaching if all you want to do is block out the outside world and concentrate on your class. Make sure the active noise-canceling feature is turned on (the headset has a switch for this).

Best cheap headphones for online classes: Logitech H340

You don’t want to spend a lot of money on the best headsets if you take online classes only occasionally or are as broke as I was when I started teaching. The Logitech H340 ($21) is a good option in that situation.

For Skype calls and video chat, call centers all over the world use it. Just don’t anticipate excellent audio for music.

Because it has a noise-canceling microphone that enables clear communication between all parties, the USB headset H340 has grown in popularity over time and is a fantastic low-cost option when it comes to online teaching equipment.

Additionally, it has padded headbands and earpads that are adjustable, making it fairly comfortable to wear all day.
Although its noise-canceling capabilities fall short of those of the models mentioned above, it is still among the best headsets available at that price.

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