Pimsleur German alternative (works better for real-life situations)

pimsleur german alternative (works better for real life situations)

Pimsleur is one of the amazing resources in learning German language. In this article, you might consider using a Pimsleur German alternative in your study. Read now!

Why Pimsleur makes the best German courses list

why pimsleur makes the best german courses list

Top-Notch audio lessons

Pimsleur, like Rocket German, provides in-depth audio lessons aimed at improving your speaking skills. An English-speaking moderator walks you through a short German conversation for 30 minutes at the start of each lesson, breaking everything down to the last syllable.

These lessons are lengthy and can be intense as you progress to higher levels, but they are extremely effective. Pimsleur compresses what you learn in ten Duolingo lessons into a single audio lesson.

Better for visual learners (compared to Rocket)

Though the structure of the Pimsleur lessons, exercises, and drills are very similar to that of Rocket’s audio lessons, the Pimsleur lessons, exercises, and drills incorporate more pictures and graphics than Rocket’s.

To be clear, Pimsleur does not have as many visuals as Memrise or Busuu, but it is superior to Rocket (the only other provider with all-important audio lessons).

Ideal for commuters

ideal for commuters in learning german

For all you commuters and road warriors out there, Pimsleur audio lessons include a special driving mode feature that allows you to complete lessons while on the go. Connect your smartphone to your car stereo, turn on the driving mode, and you’re ready to go.

If you are frequently stuck in traffic, this is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. Furthermore, Pimsleur requires you to speak aloud frequently, and what better place to do so than in your car?

More affordable than Rocket German

The final distinction between Rocket German and Pimsleur (the two most comparable apps) is that Pimsleur offers monthly subscription plans as opposed to life plans as Rocket does. Thus, if you want to start slowly and dip your toes in the water before fully committing to any one app, Pimsleur is the less expensive option.

Pimsleur also provides a free 7-day trial period so you can try out their course.

Pimsleur Alternative: why Rocket German is the best alternative

After reviewing over a dozen different German programs, Rocket Languages emerged as the clear winner. Their German program is the most comprehensive and well-rounded from start to finish. Here’s why.

Audio lessons help you develop speaking skills

The Rocket German program’s first highlight is its series of interactive audio lessons in which you listen to and respond to fluent speakers in the context of mock conversations.

These guided conversations, in my opinion, are extremely effective at improving your listening comprehension and verbal skills. You’re being asked to use German under pressure, just like you would in real life. The key point here is that Rocket’s interactive lessons simulate the real-world experience.

Diverse reinforcement exercises

Rocket provides a variety of reinforcement exercises and drills to improve your reading and writing skills after the audio portion of each lesson. Flashcards, matching pairs, writing exercises, and other activities are among the drills available.

Following the audio lessons, these follow-up drills help to drive home language retention. Furthermore, their quick-hit nature makes them entertaining.

Feedback on your pronunciation

feedback on your pronunciation in learning german

Another intriguing feature is that the Rocket German lessons make use of Google’s cutting-edge Web Speech API, which many regards as one of the best speech tools in the world.

Here’s how it works: as you go through the audio lessons and practice drills, Rocket (in collaboration with Google’s technology) records your voice to determine the accuracy of your German pronunciation on a scale of 1 to 100. It’s pretty cool, and the instant feedback is extremely useful for ensuring proper language usage.

Detailed grammar instruction

Rocket’s emphasis on grammar content and instruction within its coursework is admirable, but not excessive. Their audio lessons and digital text lessons are both packed with helpful explanations, tips, and insights to help you understand the various grammar rules and principles in the German language.

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