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Best Cartoon to Learn Spanish

Are you a cartoon fan?

Do you want to include them in your to-do list?

Stay tuned and enjoy the best cartoon to learn Spanish!

why cartoons to learn spanish

Why cartoons to learn Spanish

In the story of the fox and the mole, cunning is always good when it´s well used. To be cunning is not only to play with the minds of others but also to use every resource to our advantage. I think this clarifies why cartoons to learn Spanish.

How many of us used to be pestered by our parents with the phrase “turn off that TV and grab a book”? Yeah, me too. My mother used to get mad at the kind of cartoons I watched on TV because she didn’t understand them.

I was happy with the intro of Beetlejuice; I was fascinated by the adventures a ghost could give me. Ren & Stimpy was my favorite energetic song, their mental disorders made me die laughing. I also remember the Knights of the Zodiac and Seiya’s strength to face anything defending his cause.

It was a pleasure to come home from school, drop my backpack, and sit in front of the TV to relax after a hard day. Although I can’t forget the deliciousness of waking up on a Sunday morning and watching my favorite cartoons while eating my cereal.

They are memorable experiences and worth remembering. So much so that what I learned I have not forgotten, phrases, words, songs, situations, and morals.

Even today, we still practice with cartoons specially designed to help children learn from birth. The stimulation of the senses and the digestible information according to their age are super positive.

The same happens with adults when we watch TV programs that we like. By repeating them so much, we manage to memorize the scripts from beginning to end. It doesn’t matter if it´s in another language like Spanish.

more reasons to learn spanish through cartoons

More reasons to learn Spanish through cartoons

Learning is based on memorizing by repetition or by experiences. That’s why the best ways to learn Spanish are repetition and immersion.

Cartoons are a fun way to learn vocabulary, phrases, grammar, pronunciation, reading, and writing by repeating. Join me to discover more reasons to learn Spanish through cartoons.

natural learning

Natural learning

As I told you a moment ago, cartoons generate natural learning. The same learning that children get from paying attention to their environment and listening to their parents.

Through cartoons, you will learn new concepts that perhaps from a grammar book were impossible for you to understand. Natural learning is to flow with the information obtained without forcing you to spend hours in boring activities. Although you should not leave them aside so that your frontal and prefrontal cortex remains active.

Simple language

Just like the little ones, learning a simple language when you are a beginner is better than getting complicated. It’s like reading a short, fresh story vs. reading a work by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Naturally, the short story is easier to integrate and assimilate.

That’s how the cartoons work, giving you a lot of simple language in Spanish. Words, idioms, phrases, slang, accents, and much more.

short time

Short time

We know that our adult life takes us on a career of attending to homework. Personal life, professional life, family life, couple, friends, dreams, and projects. That’s why we choose to learn in a short time and let the complications for another time or according to our priorities.

Watching cartoons makes it easy to learn Spanish in a short time. Remember that each episode lasts an average of 30 minutes. It’s a brilliant idea unless you are hooked by the plot.


The main purpose of cartoons is teaching. Indeed, it´s the purpose of all forms of entertainment, from books or video games to cartoons. Sure, some add and some subtract, therein lies the importance of making the right choice.

However, cartoons contain concepts that are repeated several times in very small doses. That´s why they are so easy to assimilate.

the secret key to learning spanish through cartoons

The secret key to learning Spanish through cartoons

It seems so simple in theory, but is it so in practice? Yes, of course, it is. The secret key to learning Spanish through cartoons is to play and have fun.

There is nothing more to it than that. You don’t need to read complex texts or drive yourself crazy trying to understand what you hear. The easier you make it, the easier you learn it.

Extra tips

  • Taking notes
  • Take breaks
  • Search for grammatical concepts
  • Create flashcards
  • Activate Spanish subtitles
  • Read and listen in Spanish at the same time

Top 3 best cartoons to learn Spanish

In the top 3 best cartoons to learn Spanish, I wanted to include everything. Exclusive and fun material for children, teenagers, and adults to learn this beautiful language. You can add them to your favorite lists and watch them as many times as you need.


1. Minimalitos

Minimalitos occupies our first place in the top best cartoons to learn Spanish. It´s specially designed for children learning Spanish.

There are several stories told by animals that cultivate a good friendship and accept their differences. Friendship, acceptance, understanding, and love are the main values of this cartoon.

The website has a series of extra resources to help you learn Spanish. Games, readings, songs, and practical activities.


2. Noah

Noah it´s a cartoon that tells us about the need to learn the Spanish language. It takes us through Noah´s life, a 9-year-old boy who travels to faraway lands to visit his grandmother. Everyone there speaks Spanish except him.

It’s practically a language immersion experience where the natives help the boy learn. Are you afraid of being wrong? Everyone is and Noah is no exception, the key is to overcome your fears.

paw patrol

3. Paw Patrol

You won’t believe it if I tell you that Paw Patrol is one of the favorite cartoons of the whole family. Everyone loves the mechanics of the amazing puppy patrol.

They teach you the value of helping those in need. Remember that everything you give comes back to you multiplied.

They use language suitable for three and four-year-olds in Spanish. So it will be super easy for you to handle in no time.

The YouTube channel Nick Jr. has all the episodes in different languages. Go to the listings section and select Spanish or Latin American.

forever children

Forever children

In many beliefs, philosophies, and religions we find the teaching to be like children. Coaches and psychotherapists recommend nurturing our inner child as a healing method.

Sages and magicians also suggest it for reaching higher levels of consciousness. For example, Jesus Christ said that whoever doesn´t become like a child again will not enter the kingdom of heaven. It´s a phrase that indicates the need to regain our brightness and innocence to reach spiritual ascension.

To be forever children isn´t a matter of immaturity but of seeing life through the eyes of a child. Delighting ourselves with the simple and wonderful things in life. Freeing ourselves from grudges to be happy and to smile sincerely again.

Cartoons in Spanish help us to learn the language naturally. Just as we learned our first words or took our first steps. From the simple and every day to reach the skills we have today, no matter if they are few or many.

So don’t be afraid to make a mistake and choose your best companion in this learning process. Grab a bowl of your favorite candy and play the best cartoons to learn Spanish!

“Cuerdas”, Cortometraje completo

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