Why Learn Spanish PPT

Powerpoint is software specially designed to create dynamic content presentations.

If you haven’t tried it yet, read on.

Here are the reasons why learn Spanish PPT!

What is PPT

Before we get into the whys and wherefores, we want you to know what is PPT. Whether you used it before or not let us tell you that it´s one favorite educational resources. In a simple PPT presentation, you can display your content with text, images, animations, and audio.

For some years now, it has been implemented in countless contexts, such as companies, educational centers, and even to commemorate a birthday. The reason for its popularity is its ease of use, as no in-depth knowledge is required to set up presentations. You have multiple tools and resources to create incredible slides.

What a good Spanish slide should have

Have you decided to take advantage of the resources available in PPT to learn Spanish? Well, now we’ll tell you what a good Spanish slide should have. This way you will know what are the quality slides that will help you in your learning process.

1. Visual Order

Visual order is the main characteristic that a good slide should have. When there is so much content, very small letters, excess of arrows and lines, it is difficult to focus attention. That is why presentations should be well structured, showing only the essential content that is of your interest.

2. Analogies and comparisons

When it comes to learning Spanish, analogies and comparisons are always useful. It is much better if they are accompanied by images that you can understand. This will make you as a student better understand the complex content you are studying.

3. Tagged elements

A good PPT presentation should have all tagged elements. It will be easier for you to understand what it is about if you can see simple and concrete tags.

Footnotes are also useful, as they will guide you through the content of the lesson. If you have to make a slide yourself, remember that the ideal font size is between 24 and 30 points, with a minimum of 18 points.

How to use PPT for Spanish language education

PPT is a globally successful program for transmitting information of various kinds. There are spaces dedicated exclusively to the creation of templates and publication of information, such as SlideShare and Ted, where professionals let their imagination flow. Amateurs also take their share by participating in teaching.

How to use PPT for Spanish language education? With the rise of virtual classrooms, presentations have become more popular. And not just in a classroom but many educators upload their content on slide platforms for free.

The content is often segmented by learning objectives, accompanied by the optimal audiovisual elements, and even voice-overs. These elements help to engage the learner more with the class, the teacher, and the material. In short, it is a great help to your learning experience.

Top 5 reasons why learn Spanish with PPT

Although we can give you many more, we have chosen the top 5 reasons why learn Spanish with PPT. You are free to consider them, knowing that they will be as valid for you as they are for us.

Customizable and flexible

For educators, students, and professionals, it is a great advantage to have a customizable and flexible program. It has multiple tools, resources, and pre-designed templates. Any platform and device can create, edit, and play slides.


Spanish language teachers believe that PPT’s versatility helps them add value to their classes and lessons. Of course, as a student, you can apply it to your curricular activities, projects, and practical work.

Illustrative content

In any field, not only in Spanish lessons, slides can condense illustrative content. The aim is to translate information that is tedious to handle through text and words into images and data that are easy to assimilate.

Present detailed reports

Even as a student, at some point you will need to present detailed reports on your progress or demonstrate what you have learned. Spanish language teachers to show academic programming use this. Also to summarize the content of a large and complex subject.

Visual Effectiveness

If there is one thing that has been scientifically proven, it´s the PPT’s visual effectiveness in learning. In the case of the Spanish language, it serves to accompany the lessons, adding grammar tips, pronunciation, and associative images. With this, the student can integrate the information without missing something that may need later on.

PPT vs Google Slides

Surely you already know the Google Slides application where you can create and play Spanish lesson presentations. But which one is better for learning Spanish? Let’s know the differences between PPT vs Google Slides.


  • You must have the Office suite installed and an account to log in.
  • Supports files: pdf, mp4, wmv, odp, gif, jpg, png, bmp, tif, wmf, emf, and rft.
  • Supports collaborators through OneDrive.
  • Animations
  • Insert Audio
  • Insert Video
  • Offline access
  • Available for PC
  • Available for MAC

Google Slides

  • You must have a Gmail account.
  • Supports files: pptx, pdf, txt, jpg, png, svg.
  • Supports collaborators with Gmail account.
  • Animations
  • Insert Audio
  • Insert Video via youtube and Google Drive
  • Offline access after application installation
  • Available for PC
  • Available for MAC

As you can see, both PPT and Google Slides are almost identical. The difference is that Google Slides has more online uses than PPT.

Dynamic and entertaining

Learning has changed in recent times, becoming more flexible and adapting to new educational needs. While before you had to read and die of boredom in classes, now it is mandatory to make them dynamic and entertaining. Especially with something as important and complex as the Spanish language.

You can access any of the slide platforms and download them yourself. You will be grateful to see them in your free time and review them as many times as necessary. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn Spanish with PPT!

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