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About Spanish-language bookstores NYC

Every day more and more online and physical bookstores are emerging to meet the needs of the market. Reading has once again become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Stay tuned and find out some secrets about Spanish language bookstores NYC.

When it comes to reading, there’s something for everyone, from PDF books to classic collectible formats. These books are available from bookstore giants like Amazon. However, independent bookstores continue to give us the best despite the competition.

In fact, according to reports from the American Booksellers Association, they have increased. They indicate that the number of bookstores has grown by 31% since 2009.

And what do we see in these numbers? Hasn’t the demand for online books grown even more?

Yes, but we see that the market for books is growing. Moreover, I dare to say that no digital book will ever be able to replace the physical book.

How many beautiful features? From the cover, the texture of its pages, and the scent of the ink.

In short, those of us who love to read also appreciate their physical qualities and the fact of exhibiting them in our private bookstore. This is true no matter what language they are written in.

Demands books in Spanish

However, there is an important market that demands books in Spanish. It isn´t limited to native speakers. It extends to all of us who choose Spanish as a second or foreign language.

Cultivating the intellect and improving our Spanish are two of the benefits that Spanish literature brings us. Knowing this, bookstores have specialized to meet the great demands.

And that is the origin of the Spanish language bookstores in the world and especially in NYC. Because NYC is not only English, it´s also Spanish and all those languages belonging to the cultural roots of our population.

Community space for interaction

What is the best thing about them? More than just selling books in Spanish, they offer a community space for interaction. An ideal place to meet people with the same passion for the Spanish language and culture as you.

  • Reading the authors
  • Speed dating events
  • Music classes

Top 3 Spanish language bookstores NYC

The city has a large population with Hispanic roots, mostly Latino. That’s why the Spanish-language bookstores have a team of Hispanic-Latino origin. Visit any of the top 3 Spanish-language bookstores NYC and find more than just Spanish literature.

1. Barco de Papel

The Spanish-language bookstore Barco de Papel was founded in 2003 by Ramon Caraballo. Located in Queens, from the beginning its function goes beyond selling books. Its focus is to provide Spanish speakers with a direct connection to their cultural roots.


  • Sharing Latino cultural richness and values
  • To foster the growth of the Hispanic community


  • 40-03 80 St., Elmhurst, New York 11373

2. Word Up

Word Up is a Spanish-language community bookstore in NYC founded in 2011 by Veronica Liu. Although its owner is not of Hispanic origin, most of its workers are. Plus, they include an incredible selection of Spanish and Latino books from around the world.


  • Multilingual bookstore
  • Collective management
  • Space for community interaction and support
  • Cooperativism
  • Strengthening the creative spirit
  • Storytelling books and tales
  • Holistic approach to cultural access
  • Nurturing mind, body, and soul
  • Personal and community empowerment
  • Non-profit organization


  • 2113 Amsterdam Avenue (at 165th St.), New York, NY 10032

3. Strand Books

Strand Books is a family legacy bookstore with over 90 years of history. Founded in 1927 with its original location on Fourth Avenue, it was started by Ben Bass at the age of 25. Back then they offered used books to true book lovers.

It´s now managed by Nancy Bass, granddaughter of its founder and daughter of forerunner Fred Bass. A passion for books has been passed down from generation to generation. Truly a legacy both for the family and for the entire New York population.


  • More than 2.5 million books
  • Used
  • New
  • Rare
  • Various subjects
  • Gifts
  • Literary Products
  • A skilled and passionate team
  • Dollar carts outside
  • Antique treasures
  • Reasonable prices
  • Events
  • Evenings
  • Community Bookstore


  • 828 Broadway at 12th Street, New York, NY 10003

A new revolution

Spanish-language bookstores in NYC are a new revolution. The revolution of knowledge is within everyone’s reach. The revolution of Hispanic cultures resurgence.

Knowledge itself is a revolution. Not to stay with the things we can get through the media. But to immerse ourselves in the most incredible and profound literature.

To start thinking for ourselves, taking the best authors not to imitate them but as a reference. Until the chains of ignorance are broken. Those chains oppress people not allowing them to grow in freedom.

How are you contributing to humanity´s development and welfare? Discuss it with new friends in a Spanish language bookstore NYC!

My Favorite Bookstores in NYC

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