Rain in Spanish Language

Is there anything better than a cloudy day at home reading a good book and watching hundreds of droplets hitting the window glass?

The only thing better than that is sharing that emotion with anyone around the world in any language!

So let’s get to know the rain in Spanish language!

Rain etymology in Spanish

When we say rain, we refer to a feminine noun. Lluvia has its origin in the impersonal verb pluĕre-, from the Latin language, which means “to rain”. From there it derived to plovere, which means “to rain”, and to pluvia– meaning “rain”.

We observe that there is a palatalization in ll of the group pl. That is, the p was replaced by another letter l, giving rise to the pronunciation with ll. The forms of the word rain are Lluvia (singular) and lluvias (plural).

What is rain

Rain is a part of the water cycle that involves the condensation of water. Condensation is the clouds´ creation in the atmosphere, which once charged, precipitate on the earth in the form of millions of water droplets. To know the rain implies a little more than observing it, it invites us to enjoy it, to feel it, to smell it, to taste it.

On the other hand, we have less literal meanings of rain. When several things fall, it´s said to be a rain of objects. It´s also said to rain when a large number of things or situations arrive, for example, a rain of blessings.

How to say rain in Spanish language

Let’s remember that the word lluvia serves as an impersonal verb, a noun, and a transitive verb. In this section, we will show you how to say rain in Spanish language using these ways properly.

Rain as an impersonal verb in Spanish

When we use rain as an impersonal verb in Spanish, we refer only to the weather. In Spanish, it is the verb llover, whose plural is llueven. You can substitute “está lloviendo” for “llueve“, as they mean the same thing.

Después de semanas de calor infernal, finalmente comenzó a llover.

After weeks of hellish heat, it finally started to rain.

Tuve que comprarme un paraguas muy feo porque creí que iba a llover.

I had to buy a really ugly umbrella because I thought it was going to rain.

El arte de sus ojos revivía justo cuando estaba lloviendo.

The art in his eyes came alive just as it was raining.

Spanish noun – rain

In Spanish, we use the noun la lluvia / the rain only to refer to the amount of water that falls at a given time. You can also use this expression to refer to things, situations, or people that arrive in large quantities. For example, the meteor shower, the rain of emotions, the rain of men.

La lluvia no les permitió salir de casa durante dos semanas.

The rain did not allow them to leave the house for two weeks.

El agua superó los 1.5 l/mt2 y las lluvias no cesaban.

The water exceeded 1.5 l/mt2 and the rains did not stop.

Cuando cae la lluvia es un buen momento para leer.

When the rain falls it is a good time to read.

The transitive verb in Spanish

The fact that rain is also a transitive verb in Spanish means that we can use this expression to indicate that something falls. This applies to objects, situations, people, and everything that is not water from the sky.

Cada beso era una gota de la lluvia de pasión que había surgido entre ellos.

Each kiss was a drop of the rain of passion that had sprung up between them.

Los niños estuvieron felices de ver a Santa y su deseo era una lluvia de bombones y juguetes.

The children were happy to see Santa and their wish was a rain of chocolates and toys.

Me encantó la película lluvia de hamburguesas.

I loved the movie hamburger rain.

Other words for rain in Spanish

Being in a Spanish-speaking country, you will find that they use colloquialisms to refer to rain. Some words will be more popular in one place than another, as well as they may indicate the intensity of the rain. However, let’s now get to know other words for rain in Spanish.

Aguacero / Downpour

It´s a masculine noun used to indicate a sudden heavy rain that lasts a short time. Aguacero is used only for water rain.

Estaba por llegar a casa y cayó un aguacero que me obligó a esperar en el bar.

I was about to get home when a downpour of rain fell, forcing me to wait in the bar.

Precipitación / Precipitation

Is the fall of any form of hydrometeor coming from the atmosphere. Precipitación includes rain, drizzle, sleet, snow, and hail.

Salí con mis amigos a grabar la precipitación de nieve apenas comenzó.

I went out with my friends to record the snowfall as soon as it started.

Chaparrón / Shower

Chaparrón is a masculine word indicating short, but heavy and sudden rain. It also alludes to a large amount that can come suddenly and damage or harm.

El cantante recibió un chaparrón de críticas por sus fotos en pijama

The singer received a shower of criticism for his photos in his pajamas.

Everyday phrases for rainy days

The beauty of the Spanish language is that it has so many everyday phrases that are easy to learn. Here are some everyday phrases for rainy days.


It will rain

Comenzó a llover

It started to rain

Lluvia ácida

Acid rain

Va a llover

It´s gonna rain

Bajo la lluvia

In the rain

¿Alguna vez viste la lluvia?

Have you ever seen the rain?

Llueve a cántaros

Rain cats and dogs

A drizzle is not the same as a downpour

Although we’re talking about rain, a drizzle is not the same as a downpour. So if you’re feeling romantic, never ask your special someone to dance in the downpour unless you both share the same hunger for adventure.

For now, we suggest you keep practicing your Spanish. You’ll have brainstorms and insights refreshing your intellect!

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