Preply French review: don’t teach or learn there!

preply french review

Are you having second thoughts on learning or teaching on Preply? This review will surely help you decide.

Honest Preply French review from tutors and users

In this article, you may learn more about Preply, a website that lets you select a tutor for French online classes. We’ll discuss Preply’s French tutors and the commission the website receives.

Along with providing a list of Preply users’ reviews, we’ll also share our viewpoint with you.

Finally, we’ll inform you of a fantastic additional method for learning French.

Let’s get going!

Preply App

You can select an instructor for French online lessons on Preply, a platform for language learning. You can choose an instructor who offers sessions that work with your schedule by specifying the price range per hour, the tutor’s country, and availability.

Additionally, you can search by person or keyword, choose their expertise and languages, etc. You can sort the options by best rating, popularity, price, and relevancy.

Skype is used for the majority of lessons. It is, therefore, both simple and tailored.

Preply tutors

Each tutor has a profile and different pricing for every session.

The following information can be found in their profiles:

  • name
  • languages
  • price
  • if it’s a top teacher
  • reviews and stars
  • number of active students
  • number of lessons taught
  • a short description

Preply commission

Based on their decisions, students pay the price they choose.

Preply, on the other hand, charges teachers a commission fee of 100% of the first lesson payment for each new student. The commission varies from 33 to 18% for each lesson, depending on how many hours of instruction have been completed with students.

Less commission is paid to teachers the more students they tutor through Preply. Because of the large commission, it’s not the most equitable application.

Preply tutors’ reviews

Preply users’ reviews

“Hello. Please never ever subscribe to this company! It’s not recommended at all!
I got 2 times bad experiences with it. The first time, they refilled my subscription without permission and when I told them to refund me they took $25, imagine how many clients have been doing to them such a bad experience and imagine how much this company will steal money from people. The second time, I purchased 40 lessons with a tutor and the company gave me $15 per lesson and the transaction has been done. After that, it was rejected by him because he increased his price to $22 per hour. Later, I asked for a refund, and again they cut $ 25.”

Mohammad A Monem

“Customer support is horrible and doesn’t make any sense. Preply doesn’t track your timezones, so if you’re scheduling the lesson when traveling it will be scheduled according to the timezone that was chosen during registration.
Support refused to help claiming that it is the issue on the client’s side and they don’t deal with this. Awful user experience and useless support!”

Victor Danilov

“Double-charged, no refunds. TERRIBLE!
They double-charged us three times and when we demanded a refund, it took them two weeks to return a portion of the charges. Beware, that they will not issue a refund for their so called platform fees.

Here’s the response from their chat person:”Hello,
Tutors, students and parents will be liable for all transaction fees on the services related to the delivery and consumption of services through our website.
The transaction fee that goes to our payment processor, and is non-refundable.
Please keep in mind that Preply is not responsible for any kind of fee charged by payment systems and will not cover it when initiating a refund. You can see more details regarding it in our Refund and Payment Policy via this link.
Let me know if you need anything else.”
Nowhere does it mention that it was their broken system that double-charged our CC.
Dispute filed with CC company and a complaint with the office of the Virginia Attorney General.
Stay away!”

James Smith

Our Preply review

Preply is a great resource for students to find affordable tutors while providing high-quality instruction. It is a flexible and safe application.

The selection here is substantially greater and is not restricted to studying foreign languages, unlike Italki and Verbling.
However, we don’t advise it because of their absurdly large commissions from teachers.

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