I Don’t Want to Learn Spanish

Why do some people refuse to learn Spanish as a second language?

Is it because they know something we don’t?

Find out why people say I don’t want to learn Spanish!

Reasons not to learn Spanish

As human beings, we base our personalities on life circumstances and experiences. We also base our personality on the opinions of other people, close or not, with whom we identify. We take other people’s ideas and from there we form our own.

This in itself is not a bad thing since no one is the owner of the absolute truth. Toxic is to stop exercising critical thinking and just repeat like parrots.

Moreover, this is something we see every time we analyze the reasons not to learn Spanish. It´s usually students who are left with the most negative opinion. Even without having put in the minimum effort required for optimal learning.

Such reasons are so varied that we must deconstruct them. Throughout this post, you will be analyzing with us the most popular ones. We don’t want to change your mind, we just want you to have a different perspective than usual.

Advanced age

For some people, advanced age puts them off learning Spanish before they even try. They justify their lack of interest by claiming that children learn faster and therefore do not feel capable of succeeding.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. People of any age can learn Spanish. There is no set limit for learning.

It has been proven that the only limit is our own mind. That is why there are so many successful neurolinguistics reprogramming currents and methods. This reeducates the mind that it´s possible to achieve your goals no matter how old you are.

As an older adult, you must remember who you are and value your countless experiences. Remember your first time doing things as a child or young adult. It’s the same, only now you don’t have to be afraid or insecure.

They never travel

An important reason people refuse to learn Spanish is that they never travel. Yet another deception of the mind.

If there´s one thing we have learned, it´s that life changes completely in an instant. Even if we have no plans to travel today and may not have a passport or visa, it won´t be the same forever.

Also, with so many technological advances, you no longer have to leave your home to connect with Spanish-speaking people. Just by clicking a button and going on the web, you´re in tune with millions of people from other languages and cultures.

Consider the possibility that you never leave your home country. In the United States, there´s an important Spanish-speaking community with whom you will share pleasant moments and nourishing chats.

They won’t speak Spanish

Among the reasons for not learning the language is that they won´t speak Spanish. Either because they don’t have others to speak it with or because of shyness.

Just because you won’t speak Spanish doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study it. Remember that everything changes so you can change your fears for courage or your shyness for extroversion.

On the other hand, some people learn the language to enjoy Hispanic literature, music, movies, or culture. Others do it to have fun learning one of the most romantic and expressive languages. Just one Almodovar movie will change your mind.

Effort and dedication

Spanish is a language that requires effort and dedication to master. Most people shy away from Spanish because they simply don’t want to work hard.

But let’s see, we always value what costs us the most effort. In all the things we do there is effort and dedication involved. From getting up and making our bed to going back to sleep at night.

We’re able to spend hours a day on social media snooping into other people’s lives. Then we’re perfectly capable of investing time in learning and mastering the Spanish language. Besides, who said Spanish is hard to learn?

Lack of money

Lack of money is another major reason for not learning Spanish. When researching courses, you may find that the fees are too high. So, they give up the idea.

There are indeed excessively expensive courses, even for those who have more purchasing power. However, there are also less expensive courses and free options.

From lessons on Youtube, apps, websites, podcasts, and books to educational video games. The important thing is to change your mindset that you can learn Spanish.

Can’t afford native teachers? Making new Spanish-speaking friends can be great. It would be a mutual learning experience, you teach them English and they teach you Spanish.

Do you shy away from public speaking? Take a couple of basic vocabulary videos and a couple of songs. Listen repeatedly until you get the hang of it and pronounce it.

No excuses

We have always heard that whoever wants to, can. It´s a very practical Spanish saying for any area of life, not only for learning Spanish.

Maybe you had doubts about starting your learning process. Now, no excuses, you have many reasons and ways to do it.

Life should be lived to the fullest without procrastinating or putting obstacles in the way of our dreams. Because every dream fulfilled is part of empowerment. Change your mind and start thinking I do want to learn Spanish!

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