Spanish expressions: Del mismo modo…, igualmente…, de igual modo…

del mismo modo igualmente de igual modo spanish expressions

When speaking, there are many ways to add new ideas or make comparisons. In general, to keep your speech smooth, it’s a great idea to use connectors. In Spanish, some useful connectors are Del mismo modo, Igualmente, and De igual modo. They are very popular and can be a great alternative even during formal conversations.


Even though you can Del mismo modo, Igualmente, and De igual modo in a similar way, there are other uses of these expressions where you can’t use one for another. To use them in the right way, it’s important to know their differences and when you should use them. Learning how to use these expressions will improve your speaking significantly. Then, if you want to become a better Spanish speaker, read on.


How to use del mismo modo


The expression Del mismo modo is the Spanish equivalent to the English “Likewise” and “in this way”. Del mismo modo belongs to the group of comparison connectors. These connectors establish connections between two or more ideas expressed in a statement. This means that they make relationships of similarity, homologies, or comparisons.


To put it in another way, you can use del mismo modo to express equality or equivalence between two facts or ideas. Using this Spanish expression is quite simple and Here are some examples.


No digas eso, tu sabes que yo siempre te ayudo en matemáticas del mismo modo que tu me ayudas en física.

Don’t say that, you know that I always help you in mathematics in the same way that you help me in physics.


El corazón es el principal órgano del sistema circulatorio, del mismo modo que el cerebro lo es del sistema nervioso.

The heart is the main organ of the circulatory system, just as the brain is of the nervous system.


Le estás enseñando a dibujar del mismo modo que me enseñaste a mi, por patrones.

You are teaching him to draw the same way you taught me, by patterns.


As previously mentioned, you can also use del mismo modo as a connector to add more information. It can be relevant or not so relevant. Still, using del mismo modo will put listeners’ attention on what you say right after. For example,


Del mismo modo, en el estado en el que te encuentras no vas a poder salir.

Likewise, in the state you are in, you will not be able to get out.


Y del mismo modo, no podemos salvar el mundo sin comer primero una hamburguesa.

 And likewise, we can’t save the world without eating a hamburger first.


Del mismo modo,  así tenemos que responder.

Likewise, so we have to respond.


When to use igualmente


In Spanish, there are several ways you can use igualmente. It indicates that certain new information is equal or added to another already known or expressed before.


Igualmente belongs to three different types of connectors. In the first case, it belongs to the Spanish connectors of addition. You can use it to introduce information that clarifies or extends another precedent. For example,


Eligió con cuidado los cuadros e, igualmente, el lugar donde los pondría.

He carefully chose the paintings and, equally, the place where he would put them.


Me encanta el pastel de plátano que hace tu abuela, e igualmente su torta de chocolate.

I love the banana cake your grandmother makes, and her chocolate cake as well.


Nosotros ya sabíamos que venías, e igualmente pensábamos que te ibas a quedar aquí con nosotros.

We already knew you were coming, and we also thought you were going to stay here with us.


In the second case, igualmente belongs to the comparative connectors. It helps you express the equality or equivalence of one fact to another. For example,


La película y la novela en la que está basada son igualmente malas.

The movie and the novel it’s based on are equally bad.


Los dolores de la columna son intensos, igualmente que los de la cadera, no son soportables.

Spinal pains are intense, just like those of the hip, they are not bearable.


El pollo y el pescado son igualmente deliciosos y sanos.

Chicken and fish are equally delicious and healthy.


Finally, you can, sometimes, use igualmente as an opposition or contrast connector. It will be useful to state an opposition or restriction about an idea or action stated above. For example,


No tengo ganas de salir a ningún lado; igualmente, iré a casa de Carlos.

I don’t feel like going out anywhere; Anyway, I’ll go to Carlos’ house.


No quería ver esa película; igualmente la terminé viendo ayer con mis amigas.

I didn’t want to see that movie; I also ended up watching it yesterday with my friends.


How to use de igual modo


De igual modo, just like Del mismo modo, serves to introduce a comparison of equality. You can also use it in the same way as a solution or opposite reaction to an action or circumstance. Let’s see a few examples.


Estudié toda la noche y de igual modo reprobé el examen, para el próximo tendré que estudiar tres días antes.

I studied all night and in the same way I failed the exam, for the next one I will have to study three days before.


De igual modo si quieres te ayudo a llevar a los niños al colegio, ya que estas ocupada.

In the same way, if you want, I can help you take the children to school, since you are busy.


No tengo hambre, de igual modo, voy a comer.

I’m not hungry, anyway, I’m going to eat.


In summary, the expressions del mismo modo and de igual modo are very similar. These are equal to “in the same way” in English, and we can use them as synonyms. Yet, one of the differences between them is that you can use de igual modo as a reaction to a circumstance. But, you can only use del mismo modo to compare or add information.



One of the things in common between del mismo modo, igualmente, and de igual modo is that you can use all three to compare. Taking into account that you cannot replace igualmente with del mismo modo and de igual modo. Although it looks a bit confusing, you can’t forget that igualmente is an adverb and, as a result, it helps you modify verbs. 

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