Spanish expressions: Ahora que…, una vez que…

ahora que una vez que

The Spanish Ahora que and Una vez que help speakers to determine actions with their results at different times. It is quite easy to learn how to use these two phrases. It is because they are very similar to the English expressions “once” and “now what”. You can even structure sentences with them in a similar way too.


Learning how to use Ahora que and Una vez que will help you improve your speaking as well as your writing. They are popular and in formal situations are a must-have when expressing results or cause. If you’re willing to become an outstanding Spanish speaker, keep reading and learn more about Una vez que and Ahora que.


How to use ahora que


To describe what the phrase Ahora que is, we will break it down first. Ahora is a demonstrative adverb that we can use in different ways. This adverb is always connected to a temporary condition. On the other hand, we have the word que. It serves as a nexus/ connection word between ahora and its complement. A simple structure to build sentences can be the one below.


Ahora que + complement + comma + Main sentence


Since ahora que plays the role of a connection phrase, we will use it in subordinate sentences. Here are some examples.


Ahora que sabes un poco más del tema, podemos avanzar a la siguiente fase.

Now that you know a little more about the topic, we can move on to the next phase.


Ahora que mis padres se fueron de viaje, podemos hacer una fiesta en mi casa.

Now that my parents are away on a trip, we can have a party at my house.


Vives como millonario ahora que tu esposo es doctor.

You live like a millionaire now that your husband is a doctor.


As you can see, when you use ahora que you express that when you execute an action, it will have an immediate result. The result depends on what you consider in the sentence. It would be something like “now that this happens, we/you do this”. Although ahora que only has this meaning, there are very common expressions in Spanish that we can use with it. Let’s see a few examples,


Ahora resulta que estábamos todos sentados en la misma mesa. / Now it turns out that we were all sitting at the same table.


Ahora si que se va a formar un problema con ellos. / Now there is going to be a problem with them.


Ahora que me acuerdo creo que el carro necesitaba aire en los cauchos. / Now that I remember, I think the car needed air in the tires.


As you may realize, In most of the examples above, you can also place nouns or adverbs between ahora and que to structure new phrases and sentences.


How to use una vez que


The phrase una vez que refers to a non-specific time in the future. This phrase indicates that something comes after. Una vez que is a conjunctive locution that can have the meaning cuando or después de. The formula in this scenario would be:


Una vez que + verb subjunctive/indicative + complement


Let’s have a look at some examples to clear your mind.


Una vez que salga de este país seré feliz, afuera hay más oportunidades.

Once I leave this country I will be happy, there are more opportunities outside.


Una vez que hable con él y aclare las cosas, estaremos mucho mejor.

Once I talk to him and clear things up, we’ll be a lot better.


Una vez que coman y reposen, después laven los platos y acomoden bien.

Once you eat and rest, then wash the dishes and arrange well.


Una vez que is equivalent to the English word once. The good thing about it is that you can use both in a similar way. However, if the time phrase and the context place the action in the past, you have to use the indicative mood to conjugate the verb. Here are some examples below,


Una vez que Juan salió del covid, estuvo realmente feliz y con más ganas de vivir.

Once Juan came out of covid, he was really happy and with more desire to live.


Una vez que hayamos recogido todo, podremos irnos.

Once we’ve packed everything up, we can go.


You should not confuse this phrase with the construction de una vez + participle. That phrase indicates that the action expressed by the main verb is performed just after the one expressed by the participle. For example,


Una vez dicho esto, me voy. / With that said, I’m off.


Una vez leído el discurso, se retiró junto con su familia.

After reading the speech, he left with his family.


Ahora que vs una vez que


One of the similarities between ahora que and una vez que is that in both we explain the following. Both when acting, it will have a result afterward.


One of the few differences between these two words would be the tenses, present, and future. Spanish speakers usually use ahora que to refer to what is taking place in the present. This can be in a general sense or even at the precise moment in which you are speaking. Nonetheless, when we talk about una vez que, we mean when we do an action in the future, and this will have its result also later. Let’s see a few more examples.


Ahora que estamos todos aquí, quisiera decir unas palabras.

Now that we are all here, I would like to say a few words.


Una vez que estemos todos allá voy a decir unas palabras.

Once we’re all there I’m going to say a few words.


As we just said, in both sentences, you can see that ahora que speaks in the present tense, while una vez que speaks in the future tense. Also, you can use ahora que in a questios. For example,


¿Ahora que? / Now what?


With una vez que, we can’t do this.


In summary, These Spanish phrases are quite common when speaking to perform actions. These can be in the present or future time. The best thing about these two phrases is that they work for us both in formal and colloquial conversations. So, you only have to practice to master how to use them and show off not only when speaking with friends but also with people at work.

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