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Which language is best to learn as a beginner?

which language is best to learn

A popular language like Mandarin or Spanish is one of the most common languages that you might think of to study.

But, you can also discover challenging languages or fun languages to learn without

Check out which language is best to learn as a beginner with some of our suggestions.

Think about these factors first

Ready to dive into foreign languages? You will need to think about how to develop your language skills in those foreign languages.

But, there are other concerns that even a language expert will advise you.

Here are some language matters to think about before applying to a school or subscribing to a language program.

Number of native speakers

If your target language is from a known language group, you’re in luck since it is easy to learn those even with an app.

But, if you are looking to learn Pashto, Yiddish, or even Pennsylvania Dutch, you might have to really look into the nook and crannies to find the right language resources.

Take into consideration the number of native speakers of that language you’re aiming to become fluent in.

How you can incorporate it into your daily conversations

Many people try to learn a language just because it’s fun. They miss out on the real purpose of a language which is discovering that country’s culture, history, and people.

Your language goal is not just to accumulate words and vocabulary, but also how to communicate effectively.

One way to really become fluent in your target language is to use these words for everything that you do.

Cooking, reading, deciding which groceries to buy are essential and the most common tasks where people need to talk to strangers.

It is the perfect setup to practice thinking directly in your target language.

How to study this language

It is very important for a student to find the best resources and methods to learn a new language.

With the technology that is available for researching and studying, it is very simple to find countless guides on how to learn Japanese, Italian, or French.

On the other hand, the hardest languages to learn are from remote cities or countries with less development since they have limited dictionaries, databases, and teachers online.

If you’re deciding to venture out into different cultures and ethnicities, it might be better to find a language expert from a library or from a prestigious university.

Better yet, you might want to visit the country where that language is an official language.

However, most apps today, even those unreached areas, might have online courses for you to learn about.

You may even be surprised that fictional languages courses exist on Duolingo! (Game of Thrones – High Valyrian language and Star Trek – Klingon language)

The best languages to learn for beginners

Are you still thinking about which language to learn? We understand. There are lots of beautiful languages that

According to a study, these are the most sought after languages with no experience of learning a language whatsoever:

  • English

English is still at the top of the household names when it comes to learning language options.

Many people whose official language is far different from English prefer to learn it since it’s earned its dominance through history, technology, science, political theories, and more.

If you’re not a native English speaker, you will find the language a breeze since it’s not boxed on gender rules and has a solid pattern when it comes to subject +verb agreement.

Learning English is also the fastest, with an average learning time of 200 hours going from zero knowledge to at least B2 (Intermediate level).

  • Norwegian

When it comes to easiest for English speakers, the most obvious are foreign languages related to the Germanic languages is Norwegian.

Norway is the best place for people who like the outdoors. Many Norwegian are thought of to be cold and hard to be friends with.

So you may want to brush up on your communication and social skills. However, living in Norway, or in most developed countries can be expensive.

Since they promote a green environment, their economy may have some taxes on regulations like using cigarettes, higher fuel prices, and so on.


Although most people are familiar with the Chinese language, Mandarin is the most commonly used dialect spoken around the globe.

Mandarin also competes with English as the most popular language to be taught at schools for private lessons. It is even one of the desired languages if you want to have more business partners.

Mandarin Chinese doesn’t have complicated grammar and you may only need to memorize the alphabet and tonation to know the differences between their words.

  • Korean

Most people would have heard about the Korean culture now due to the booming Korean entertainment industry.

There are more things to appreciate from Korea such as their films that earned them an Emmy award to Kpop.

If you are adventurous with food and agriculture, you’ll love going to the countryside of South Korea.

South Korea is also home to some of the most famous brands today. If you’re interested to see the fusion between rural and urban in an Asian setting, then South Korea should be on your list.

  • French

There are at least 300 million French speakers today in different parts of the world like Belgium, Canada, Monaco, and Congo.

If you’re not just in France because of the fashion or food, you’re probably there because you love the rich and melodious accent and sound of French.

French conjugation on the other hand is hard and sometimes compared to Italian or Spanish for its many rules about gender number.

Nevertheless, French has always been part of the international languages in different world organizations and has been one of the choices when it comes to international studies.

  • German

There is a massive presence of German in any industry. Take a look at how automobiles and inventions usually come from Germany.

Germans are also very mindful of their surroundings, so if you like to learn German while sitting in a public park, you’ll find the peaceful and clean scenery motivating.

What makes Germany very attractive for foreign language students is that after a long day of studying, anyone can enjoy a relaxing hike over the mountains and grab a pint of beer and lovely food.

  • Spanish

If your native language is from the Romance language family, then you’ll easily understand Spanish.

Spanish is a language best to learn as a beginner since many Spanish lessons are free and available on popular apps that you can study on your phone.

Moreover, Spanish has lots of resources like drama and movies where the language is used entirely in different methods and situations.

It’s a smart investment in the future since you will also have a better grasp of understanding the rules in grammar since it’s very similar to how Italian and French are.

Most of these resources are catered for casual Spanish or business Spanish.

You’ll quickly learn Spanish even if you’re not familiar with the Romance languages.

Start knowing your learning preferences

As a beginner, it’s understandable to only have a three-month subscription for a language you want to test yourself with.

If you want an immersive experience, on the other hand, start by taking a longer language course with real native speakers.

You can hire a teacher on Skype from iTalki or choose to subscribe to a long-term online course with better deals and exclusives.

However, the best authentic experience for learners is to go to the country where your target language is an official language.

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