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Useful words and phrases to facilitate your French

useful words and phrases to faciliate your french

Are you planning to go on a vacation? I bet knowing a few useful words and phrases always comes in handy when you want to make your trip a breeze and communicate with the natives at ease.

The French have a huge amount of respect and love for their language. Learning the basics in French will help you to confidently start a conversation with the French natives and leave a lasting impression amongst them.

1. Greetings

greetings in french

Almost every conversation begins with a greeting. Why do we greet? It is a sign of respect and acknowledgment. Greetings are the key starter for effective communication and building new connections.

It helps you to process the interaction in a more polite form before you jump into all the other information. Start a conversation at almost any part of the day with the following French greetings.

Bonjour (Monsieur/Madame/Mademoiselle) – Hello/Good morning (Sir/Madam/Miss)

Salut(Informal) – Hi

Coucou(Informal)  – Hey

Enchanté(e) – Nice to meet you

Bonsoir – Good evening

Bonne après-midi  – Good afternoon

Bienvenue – Welcome

Allô – Hello( in a telephonic conversation)

2. Introductions/conversation starters

introductions or conversations in french

After you have politely begun a conversation with a greeting, it’s time to introduce yourself and extend the conversation further to understand the other person or to gather the required information.

The French introductory or conversational phrases help you to keep the flow of your conversation without any stammering or confusion.

Comment tu t’appelles ?/Quel est votre nom ? – what is your name?

Je m’appelle…/Mon nom est… (My name is…)

D’où venez-vous? – Where do you come from?

Je viens de… (I come from…)

C’est un plaisir de vous rencontrer – It’s a pleasure to meet you

Ça va? (Informal) – How are you doing?

Ça roule?(Informal) – How’s it going?

Quoi de Neuf? (Informal) – What’s new?

Je habite à … (I live in… )

Comment allez-vous? – How are you?

Je vais bien – I am good

Bien merci, et vous-même? – Fine thanks, and you?

Qu’est-ce qui vous amène en France ? – What brings you to France?

Je suis là pour les vacances/le travail – I’m here for vacation/work

Répétez, s’il vous plait – Repeat, please

J’ai besoin de renseignements – I need some information

Vous pouvez parler lentement, s’il vous plaît – Can you speak slowly, please

Pouvez-vous m’aider? – Can you help me?

Je ne comprends pas – I don’t understand

Pourriez-vous prendre une photo de ma famille? – Could you take a picture of my family?

3. Goodbyes in French

goodbyes in french

If “hello” is a simple way to begin a conversation with respect then “a goodbye” is another polite way to end the conversation before you part ways.

Au revoir – Goodbye

Bonne journée – Have a nice day

À tout à l’heure / À plus tard – See you later

À Demain – See you tomorrow

À bientôt – See you soon

À tout de suite – See you in a minute

À la prochaine – Until next time

Fais attention à toi / Prends soin de toi – Take care

Bisous/Bises(Informal) – Sending you (Kisses)

Bon voyage – Have a good trip

4. Apologies in French

apologies in french

It is very common to make mistakes especially when you are learning a new language. It is practically impossible to learn anything without failing at it a couple of times.

When you travel to a new place you might want to bring a bag of apologies just in case you get clumsy or lost or feel empathetic for others.

Je suis désolé – I am sorry

Pardon – Pardon

Je regrette – I regret

Excusez-moi – Excuse me

C’est ma faute – It is my fault

Je suis navré(e) – I am devastated

Je suis vraiment désolé – I am really sorry

Je ne le ferai plus – I won’t do it again

Toutes mes excuses – My apologies

Je vous demande pardon – I beg your pardon

If someone else apologizes to you, you can accept or receive their apologies with the following words and phrases.

Ce n’est pas grave – It’s no big deal

Ne vous inquiétez pas – Don’t worry

Je les accepte, n’en parlons plus  – I accept it, say nothing more about it

Pas de soucis – No worries

Pas de problème/aucun problème – No problem

C’est rien – It is nothing

5. Express gratitude in French

express a gratitude in french

Thank you is a small word with a big weightage. It is an expression of gratitude to appreciate others for being patient and taking their valuable time to help you.

Let’s learn the different ways to say “thank you” in French so that we never fail to appreciate the good despite the language.

Merci – Thank you

Merci beaucoup – Thanks a lot

Merci à tous – Thank you all

Merci d’avance – Thank you in advance

C’est gentil de ta part – That’s nice of you

Ça me touche – I am touched

Je suis vraiment reconnaissante pour tout – I am truly greatful for everything

Un grand merci à…(A big thank you to…)

If you are at the receiving end then you can utilize the following words and phrases to accept that you were happy to help.

De rien – It’s nothing/ you’re welcome

Je vous en prie – You’re welcome

Ça me fait plaisir/ Avec plaisir(Informal) – My pleasure/ with pleasure

C’est normal(Informal) – It’s natural/ normal

6. Directions in French

directions in french

In a new place, it is easy to get lost and wander. Therefore it is useful to pick up some basic sentences to ask for help and survive the day.

Où est-il situé – Where is it located?

Combien de temps faut-il pour atteindre cet endroit ? – How long does it take to reach that place?

C’est loin ou proche ? – Is it far or near?

Il est situé à droite/à gauche – It is situated at the right/left

En face – Opposite

à côté de – Next to

Où est la banque le plus proche ? – Where is the nearest bank?

Quel est le moyen le plus rapide d’y arriver? – What is the fastest way to get there?

7. Accommodations in French

accomodation in french

Accommodation is an important part of a vacation. It is the first thing that we deal with once we land in a new place. Hence, it is essential to understand the words involved in booking a place for us to enjoy a safe stay.

Je voudrais une chambre pour deux – I want a room for two

Réserver un Hôtel – Booking a hotel

Quelle est l’heure limite d’occupation? – When is the check-out time?

Je voudrais payer en espèces/avec une carte de crédit – I would like to pay in cash/with credit card

Où se trouve l’ascenseur? – Where is the elevator?

Avez-vous une connexion WiFi? – Do you have WiFi?

Offrez-vous un service de chambre? – Does the hotel offer room service?

Je voudrais annuler ma réservation. – I would like to cancel my reservation

8. Dining in French

french cuisine

No trip is complete without having a taste of the cuisine. Learn the different phrases and words used in a restaurant to enjoy a happy meal.

La carte/le menu, s’il vous plaît – The menu card, please

Je voudrais un verre de vin – I want a glass of wine

L’addition, s’il vous plaît – The bill, please

Avez-vous choisi ? – Have you chosen?

Qu’est-ce que vous buvez ? – What will you have to drink?

À point/Rosé/Bien cuit – medium rare/rare/well cooked

Plats du jour – Daily special

Ça vous a plu? – Did you enjoy your meal?

9. Shopping in French

shopping in french

Everyone loves to bring a souvenir back home after a vacation. You can shop comfortably to get the things that you need with the following phrases and words

Vous cherchez quelque chose en particulier? – Are you looking for something in particular

Je cherche… (I am looking for..)

Combien ça coûte? – How much is it?

C’est trop cher – It is expensive

Bon marché – cheap

Je regarde tout simplement – I am just looking

Quelque chose de moins cher – Something cheaper

Puis-je vous aider? – can i help you?

Speak French with confidence

With all the above list of words and phrases, speak French confidently without any interruption. It might take a long time to master the French language but that doesn’t stop us from learning the most common and useful questions and statements in French to kick start our journey today.

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