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Spanish Language in Texas

Did you know four states in the United States currently require bilingual education?

Texas is one of them!

Learn about Spanish language in Texas status and where you can learn it!

about texas

About Texas

Before learning about the current state of the Spanish language here, we invite you to learn a little about Texas. It´s located in the south-central region of the country, bordering several Mexican and American states.

It´s one of the largest states in terms of both land area and population. It has more than 27.862.596 inhabitants distributed mainly in cities such as Houston, San Francisco, Dallas-Forth Worth, and Greater Houston. These are some of the characteristics for which Texas is recognized in the world.

1. Lone Star State

This nickname is due to its flag and official seal, signifying its former status as an independent state. Lone Star State it´s also linked to its struggle for Mexican independence. The Texas Congress adopted the flag in December 1839.

the alamo

2. The Alamo

The Alamo it´s a symbol of the heroic resistance of the Texan soldiers who defended the fort of San Antonio against the Mexican military. It´s a beautiful tourist and historical place that receives more than 2.5 million visitors annually. An icon of the courage and determination of these heroes.

3. Barbecues

Barbecues, some of the most famous in the world, characterize traditional Texan cuisine. This custom comes from Czech and German settlers in the mid-19th century. East, West, North, South, and Central Texas have their own style of barbecue.

4. Live music

Austin is known as the live music capital of Texas, with more than 100 venues performing nightly shows. Music genres you can enjoy include blues, jazz, country, indie rock, and many more. In addition, festivals like South by Southwest and Austin City Limits.

5. The second-largest state

We said the second-largest state because the Texas population exceeds 27,862,596 inhabitants, but the area has more than 268 square miles. It´s twice the size of Japan and Germany and 10% larger than France is. Water occupies 2.74% of the state’s total area.

6. Warm temperatures

The warm temperatures rank several Texas cities among the 50 hottest cities in the country. A maximum temperature of 100°F (38°C) can be experienced in the Rio Grande Valley.

status of spanish in texas

Status of Spanish in Texas

We have already talked about the greatness of one of the main states in the country. It´s no wonder that its population is multicultural. Moreover, it´s a pioneer state in bilingual education and well-established bilingual programming.

The status of Spanish in Texas is almost 30% of the population speaks Spanish at home. A figure of approximately 6,983,380 people. This according to U.S. Census Bureau sources, is measured through the American Community Survey. Now let’s take a look at some other curiosities about Spanish in Texas.

most spoken languages in texas

1. Most spoken languages in Texas

The most spoken languages in Texas are as diverse as the roots of its population. Thanks to the fact that this state has been kind and generous to the immigrant community. Many left their homes in search of a prosperous and gracious land and came to Texas.

  • Spanish: 6,983,380
  • Vietnamese: 193,408
  • Chinese: 140,971

2. Texan cities where Spanish is most widely spoken

The Texan cities where Spanish is most widely spoken are the same cities that are home to the highest concentration of Hispanics. Let’s take a look at the top three.

  • Brownsville: 93.88%.
  • Edinburg: 88.44%
  • McAllen: 86.67%

Top 3 best Spanish language academies in Texas

If you live in Texas and are not yet fluent in Spanish, you are probably in a hurry to learn it. We have chosen the top 3 best Spanish language academies in Texas where you can enroll in person or virtually. All of them have the recognition of the bilingual community and very good qualifications.

olas spanish

1. Olas Spanish

Olas Spanish is a Spanish language school located in Austin, Texas. It is ideal for young children to learn this second language with the same techniques as their native language.

They are immersed from a very young age to improve their skills and enrich their lives. They learn the sounds, intonation, and rules intuitively.

Classes are interactive and taught by experienced native teachers. Resources such as songs, dances, crafts, drama, storytelling, traditional activities, and many games are used.

The academy has spring, summer, and fall courses with classes from Monday through Saturday and eligible schedules.

kasa de franko

2. Kasa de Franko (KDF)

Kasa de Franko (KDF) is an online and face-to-face language school based in Silicon Valley, California. They offer private and group classes to companies and individuals, including children and adults.

With the motto, “think in Spanish” students are guided in their learning process and motivated to think for themselves. Lessons are based on conversation as the best strategy for learning a second language.

The KDF experience is fun and meaningful with the vision of transmitting ideas, rather than translating. This is how they share the Hispanic culture with the students.

homeschool spanish academy

3. Homeschool Spanish Academy

Homeschool Spanish Academy is a program for children of any age. Classes include three key aspects, which are review, new concepts, and application.

  • Review: The teacher briefly reviews the last lesson to evaluate the student’s progress and homework completion.
  • New concepts: This is the time in the day’s lesson where the new concept is explained.

Application: Students are engaged in activities in which they apply the concepts learned in the lesson. Through real live conversations with the teacher.

best spanish language academies in texas

Deep bilingual roots

Texas is a bilingual state, with deep bilingual roots, and a pioneer in bilingual education. The large cities concentrate a significant Latino population. This means that you have everything in your hands for a complete immersion in the language.

This means that there is a great demand for Spanish language proficiency. Not only academically, but professionally, commercially, and socially.

That´s why you need to have an acceptable level of Spanish that allows you to enjoy new opportunities. New and better opportunities that turn into millions to expand your horizons!

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