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Preply reviews – Honest feedback from tutors and users

preply reviews

In this post, you may learn more about Preply, a website that lets you select an instructor for online language education.

We will discuss the language tutors on Preply and the cost that the website levies.

We’ll provide you with a selection of user-submitted evaluations and our judgment.

Finally, we’ll let you know of a fantastic additional method for language learning.

Let’s continue!

Preply App

You can choose a teacher for online language classes on Preply, a platform for language learning.
You can locate a tutor who offers sessions that meet your schedule by specifying the price range per hour, the tutor’s country, and availability. Additionally, you can choose the subject areas and languages, search by person or term, etc.

The options can be arranged in order of highest rating, degree of popularity, price, and relevancy. Skype is used for the majority of lessons.

As a result, it is both straightforward and unique.

Preply tutors

Every tutor has a profile and sets their rates for each class differently.

The following information can be found in their profiles:

  • name
  • languages
  • price
  • if it’s a top teacher
  • reviews and stars
  • number of active students
  • number of lessons taught
  • a short description

Preply commission

According to their decisions, students pay the price they choose. For each new student, Preply charges teachers a commission fee equal to 100% of the cost of the first lesson.

The commission for each lesson varies from 33 to 18%, depending on the number of hours spent teaching students.

Less commission is earned by tutors who work with Preply Tutor when there are fewer pupils. Due to the high commission, it’s not the most equitable application.

Preply users’ reviews

Preply review

users review 2

“This platform doesn’t deserve the support of tutors and students. It is clear even from your initial application as a tutor that there’s going to be no customer service support, for a platform that is about connecting real humans providing a people-focused service, obviously this doesn’t work. In this day and age, any service that flunks this test deserves to fail.”
Gary Yong

“I would not recommend the site to anyone who is looking to be a tutor. I am currently a tutor and every time I try to withdraw my funds for lessons completed, I get this message, “You’ll receive an email with the status of your request within 5 business days. Once verified, you’ll able to withdraw your funds safely.” Complete waste of my time.
Edit: I messaged them and the issue was fixed fast.”
Willow Ro

“I really like my mentor. But Preply is not a convenient platform. Check first if they have saved your credit card in settings because the platform charges you without your warning. Secondly, you will wait a very long time for the return of your funds, and when you are asked about the time, since the platform withdraws money from you in seconds, it will return them within a month (depending on the bank), but they will not return take care of what you live on after their system just takes your money without warning. The technical support service will answer you with the SAME ticket templates. But there are those who really want to help you. There are also pluses, for example, there are interesting tasks for learning the language and a convenient chat with a tutor. And yes you can really find a very good tutor there.”
Irina Zvarich

Tutors Preply reviews

preply reviews

tutors preply review

tutors preply reviews

Our Preply review

Preply is an excellent resource for assisting students in finding affordable instructors who can deliver high-quality instruction.
It is a flexible and safe application.

The collection is substantially bigger and is not just confined to studying foreign languages, unlike Italki and Verbling. But we don’t recommend it because of their absurdly high commissions from teachers.

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