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New methods to learn languages

new methods to learn languages

So you’ve read a lot of blogs that talk about different methods to learn languages.

Perhaps you got inspired by a foreign film and wanted to discover more about their culture or people.

But, you may think that languages can be frustrating to learn.

If you are having doubts about trying to learn languages by yourself, then we’ve got some tips for you.

Here are some new methods to learn languages easily and fast.

Why are there so many language teaching methodologies?

If you’ve sat in a foreign language class over and over, you’ll notice that often a teacher’s introduction to language learning always involves a child’s natural acquisition.

According to general knowledge, a child can pick up a foreign language easily just by hearing it through

However, what most blogs won’t tell you is that children need to know the context and purpose behind those words.

In essence, children observe a person’s culture, how they relate those sentences and words to a specific meaning, and how they act (gesticulate) according to those words.

The reason why there are lots of effective language learning methods and memory techniques today is due to the accessibility of these

Back then, you won’t be able to find movies, audio podcasts, language learning websites, or even an online language teacher.

Think in your target language

What does thinking in your target language mean?

It means when you’re about to say what you need or what you want to talk about, think directly about that target language you’re learning.

You don’t need to have a high level of fluency just to think in your target language.

If you can translate your native language thoughts into that

Learning idioms will boost your awesome vocabulary and your foreign friends will appreciate how you’re learning their culture and the context behind it.

Catchphrases and modern slang words that most Gen-Zs uses are a mixup of words that even native speakers will be surprised to hear.

But, that’s even more of a motivation for you to really think like how they do because

Using that foreign language in a real-life situation

It doesn’t come often, but you’ll encounter someone who is a tourist and may need your help with directions or for important issues like safety.

In times like these, not everyone can understand English, so it’s good to have a translator app.

But if you’re in your country of preference, it’s better to really speak in their language of course.

One great way to do this language practice is to find a language partner that is willing to give at least 15-30 minutes to practice any conversation in that language only.

It will be helpful not to speak in English to really experience how to express yourself in that language you want to become fluent in.

For most instances, people who like online games will most likely meet other people around the world due to its nature of a massive

On the other hand, and as of this moment, it is unlikely for people to travel due to the ever-changing conditions with

So, if you can’t go abroad to immerse yourself in that country, then it’s better to hone your language learning process online with your friends.

Speaking, reading, and writing all at the same time

Learning the grammatical rules while listening to a native speaker is always a good exercise for beginners.

But keep in mind that you should not just read and memorize vocabulary, you will have to speak, read, and write with daily practice.

Lack of enough practice daily on all language skills will result in losing your progress and eventually even words you’ve already learned.

Your purpose as language learners is to really speak, read, and write in a way that no one will notice that a foreign language is not your native language.

So, fluency demands your continuous effort to try and speak that language you want all day, every day.

Host a foreign language movie night with your friends

As mentioned earlier, there are many people who love watching foreign films for their unique and captivating storylines.

Watching a movie in a different language is exciting and fun. But what if you invite other people to learn together with you?

This way, you’ll not just have fun watching the movie, but you’re all learning and giving your inputs to a lexicon of that country.

Did you know that Netflix is one of the best tools for an immersion environment in your favorite target language?

There are tons of TV series and movies available on online streaming sites that you must try.

And for the aficionados of art, music, and movies, you can pick up a catchphrase or two from a selection of TV series or movie genres.

Have a recap of what you’ve learned

At every end of a semester while studying or even working, there is often a summary of what you have learned or have progressed with.

This practice should also be kept when studying a new language.  It is important to always review all the lessons you’ve had in the past so that you can keep up with the new words and sentence examples.

Sometimes if you’re too confident in proceeding to your next lesson without having a summary, you may find yourself confused when all of the previous lessons come to place.

Know what to set with your language goals

Our best suggestion for anyone who’s learning a language, no matter what their language levels are, is to always set an achievable language goal.

If you’ve been dreaming of learning Japanese, French, Arabic, or any other amazing language, you need to really define your end result.

The ultimate goal is to advance from beginner level to intermediate level to advance level and become fluent enough that your friends will be happy to speak to you in your target language.

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