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Learn languages with native speakers

learn languages with native speakers

Have you tried making friends with someone from your target language?

If you haven’t thought of using a language exchange app to find language experts, now is the time to do so.

Learn languages with native speakers and uncover better techniques by finding the right language exchange communities.

Why learn with native speakers?

Practice your new language in an unbiased way.

Working with a native speaker allows you to become acquainted with idioms, accents, and slang.

Although grammar remains a source of frustration for many language learners, understanding idioms, dialects, and slang is more useful when interacting in your new language with native speakers.

The confidence obtained from learning from a native speaker who has “been there and done that” motivates those studying to put their new language abilities to the test outside of the boundaries of a homestay or the classroom.

Learn their culture

When you study a foreign language with a native speaker, you not only learn grammar and vocabulary, but you also learn about the culture of his or her country.

And it is in this environment that you may be able to better grasp and ‘experience’ the language.

Understanding a foreign culture is essential for making language study not only productive but also enjoyable and enlightening.

With this baggage, you’ll be able to grasp idioms and cultural allusions that an ordinary student would find difficult to understand.

It’s like being a visitor but with a genuine local leading you around the city’s hidden jewels and must-see attractions.

Expert advice: If you want to work in another country, make sure you grasp their culture.

You may always take a brief internship overseas to see if you’re ready to move to see if you’re ready.

Improve your listening and speaking skills

To begin with, studying a language from native speakers will help you improve your pronunciation.

The more you communicate, the more probable it is that you will catch up on subtle differences in their pronunciations without even trying.

This, in turn, will make you sound even more like a natural speaker.

Grammar problems are common but there is a workaround

Grammar explanations are difficult. Even in your own tongue, the grammatical rules of a foreign language (for example, German) might be difficult to grasp.

Students may not always understand what their instructor is saying since the structure of a language differs greatly from that of their native tongue.

Because of the linguistic differences, a native-speaking instructor may miss signs that students are becoming confused.

However, fluent speakers are not born and made overnight.

You have to hone your language skills through the years.

Even if that means going through different polyglot clubs, in person events, or going through tons of instant

Apps and websites that let you talk with native speakers

The most common thing language learners do when finding native speakers is through language exchange communities.

Some of these language exchange websites have their own app too.


If your target language is more widely spoken, you should expect faster answers.

HiNative is a free app to start learning your target language. Native speakers can assist you with your pronunciation (but only on premium).

In addition to the language itself, you can also ask questions about the country and culture of your target language. At the moment, HiNative supports over 110 languages.

There is no private messaging option to assist you in meeting new individuals and practicing discussions with locals.

Some of the minor languages may not have as much community or support.

HiNative is not the sort of resource that will provide you with an organized language lesson in the same way as Ling App, Drops, or Lingualift would.

It is only intended to be used as a supplement to Google Translate or your textbook when you wish to clarify certain aspects of the language with local speakers, so you never have to rely only on Google Translate or your textbook.


Lingbe users may get feedback on their vocabulary, fluency, and pronunciation improvement.

Users may earn credit by teaching languages and then use those credits to study new ones.

Lingbe Rooms will be the app’s group audio chatrooms or rooms that will allow users to build up and enhance their language-learning skills by

1) Joining any of the user-created rooms and listening to the conversations

2) Becoming more active in these topics and participating further in discussions

3) Starting their own rooms to talk about a specific topic

All of these activities will earn you lingos, the in-app currency that users earn when they start practicing a language, and help someone learn their native language.

With the establishment of Lingbe Rooms, users may not only form long-lasting connections with other people from all over the world, but also discover a new method to learn any language in a fast, engaging, and pleasant manner.


Italki is the most adaptable and cost-effective platform for finding a tutor for the language you’re learning.

They have a large number of professors that teach lessons in over 100 different languages.

As a student, you will be able to locate a tutor that is a good fit for your learning style, schedule, and personality.

Teachers can establish their own rates and choose their own schedules.

On iTalki, there are two sorts of teachers: Professional Teachers and Community Tutors.

Professional Teachers are trained professionals who are experts in language instruction.

They’re ideal if you have specific inquiries or want to learn about advanced topics, such as test preparation.

Community Tutors are native or advanced English speakers who can help with casual practice and conversation exchange.

A few problems in some language exchange websites like iTalki is the necessity of removing working features.

Some of the community members of iTalki are disappointed about removing the instant learning feature.

Another issue snowballing quickly is the rise of not good quality teachers.


If you want to find a quick language exchange partner through chat, Idyoma is a good app to explore.

Idyoma was initially designed for native Spanish speakers to learn other languages by meeting and mingling with native speakers.

Today, based on the region of the app’s user, you may discover exchange partners for almost every language.

Simply build a profile with images of yourself, your native language, and the languages you wish to learn.

You will then be ready to message other language learners in your region.

You’re seeking a similar language learner or native speaker who fits your interests and would be an ideal exchange partner based on your native and target languages.

Your communication preferences define your language partners

If you are confident with a conversation partner you just met or just hear using voice messages, most of these apps.

Although not taking the risk to meet new people may hinder you to develop your own language skills and preferences.

After all, speaking with a native speaker will earn you new friends and learn more about your target language.

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