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Learn languages on Spotify: which languages are on demand?

learn languages on spotify podcasts songs

Do you love using Spotify to listen to your favorite foreign language music?

Or, do you listen to a language learning podcast on your daily commute?

Spotify has tons of playlist of songs, podcasts, and radio experiences to help you develop your language skills.

We’ll give you our suggestions on which languages are on demand.

Learn languages on Spotify with us.

Why learn languages on Spotify?

One of the best features for language learning that Spotify can offer is its platform.

Spotify is an audio streaming platform that allows you to pause, replay, and seek the timestamp of the foreign song or podcast you’re listening to.

Your listening skills are one of the most important factors when studying a new target language.

According to the latest data from the Economist, studies show a decline in learning English over the past few years.

Tones, cadences, and inflections are all things that may be learned by listening to music, even if you don’t comprehend much of it.

You’ll get even more out of studying the song’s lyrics if you go the extra mile.

If you have some favorite podcasts that you want to listen to later, you can press on the heart to save them on your profile.

Spotify Premium allows you to listen to any music, podcast, or audio lesson anytime you want without ads.

It’s also cheaper than most music streaming services. So, you can have your curated playlists when on the go or when you’re doing your chores.

How to use Spotify to listen to a language podcast

Who knew that you can use music for language learning? If you want to listen to your favorite song or random good music or just want to become familiar with dozens of languages, use Spotify as your audio streaming platform.

Open the Spotify website on a browser or if you have downloaded and have the Spotify program installed, launch it.

Then, click on search to browse the title of the podcast or the target language you want to listen to. A magnifying glass indicates this feature.

Search for podcasts by typing the language plus the word podcast and you’ll get a list of playlist public to everyone.

You can also turn on the lyrics option for extra language learning.

However, if you’re learning Korean, Arabic, or Malayalam, you can only see the lyrics in its alphabet and not in the romanized version.

But if you’re familiar with your target language, listening while reading the lyrics will prompt you to speak.

Spotify’s lyrics follow the timestamp of the song so you might have to rewind the audio back.

The good feature of Spotify is putting the song on loop or repeat and pausing it on the exact paragraph where you want to listen to that part of the lyrics again.

Languages on demand: Spotify’s top listened-to language podcasts

Native speakers that are bilingual (or even multilingual) are now taking the music streaming platform into a teaching

Speak Better English With Harry

Not to be confused with American English, Speak Better English with Harry offers British English for intermediate to advanced topics.

Speak Better English With Harry is targeted at Intermediate learners and above. You’ll enjoy short-term English sessions with a native English speaker with years of teaching experience.

The podcast is updated every week so you can’t miss anything from

His topics according to his website include:

  • exclusive English materials
  • various practical day-to-day topics
  • British and American slang words
  • explanation of difficult grammar rules
  • English vocabulary from B2 to C1 level

You can also listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

You too can learn Thai

You too can learn Thai is a Thai language teaching podcast for beginners and Thai learners of all language tiers.

Their first episode is a practice listening audio that will help total beginners to become familiar with the different Thai accents and tonation.

It’s a podcast and blog for Thai language students at the beginning and intermediate levels.

The podcasts cover a wide range of subjects, including the Thai language and culture, which may be of interest to listeners.

You too can learn Thai is also available on Amazon Audible, Apple Podcast, and Youtube, and has its own website too.

Notes in Spanish

Latin America receives lots of love for people all over the world that wants to know Spanish.

Notes in Spanish is a podcast that is updated often and has its roots in 2007. You’ll notice that Notes in Spanish has a podcast for every language tier, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

They even have a gold Spanish podcast level for extra lessons for advanced and upper-intermediate learners with an English analysis and explanation.

On their website, you’ll also see useful Spanish lesson bundles that will help you in many aspects of language learning.

They also have free resources for becoming fluent in Spanish fast and have a newsletter to keep updated with the latest in their podcasts and other offers.

Ben and Maria, the narrators of Notes in Spanish’s starter episodes, remark that it’s normal to be a little lost at first.

You’ll be able to sound like a native Spanish speaker in no time if you practice listening comprehension with this duo, who bring their own personality to the discussions they have with students.

News In Slow French

Expanding your French vocabulary with more than just Bonjour, je m’appelle.. (Hello my name is..) should be on top of your priorities.

The French language is similar to Italian and Spanish with its many conjugations and verb endings.

News In Slow French offers an audio experience for the current language news in French with an interactive transcript for the English and French translation.

The podcast is meant for intermediate language learners and the website also has grammar lessons and a quiz.

Coffee Break Languages

Coffee Break Languages has been around for years now. Many reviews from Japanese speakers or Russian speakers came said that learning in this podcast is one of the best.

A premium podcast like Coffee Break Languages can be your complementary podcast if you have a grammar book or if you are enrolled in a university.

With a range of languages to choose from to meet a learner’s hectic schedule, Coffee Break Languages includes Spanish as well as other languages such as Mandarin Chinese, German, and French.

A series of episodes helps students build their vocabulary and learn how to compose more complicated sentences using new words and phrases.

Listeners will also learn about grammar and Spanish-speaking nations in a conversational style.

Talk to Me in Korean

If your native language is Japanese or Mandarin Chinese, you’ll find Korean easy to learn.

Korean language learners of all levels may access a variety of audio, video, and text resources at Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK).

Free and paid courses are accessible on their website if you want to learn more than just listening to their podcasts.

The primary course is well-organized, and the supplemental courses are also of high quality, providing students with a variety of engaging methods for learning.

As there are few opportunities to put what you’ve learned into practice, this course is best utilized in conjunction with other materials rather than as a stand-alone course.

Talk to Me In Korean has different language level tiers similar to the other podcasts in this list.

Additionally, you can also download language podcasts to listen to offline.

Fan of audiobooks? We’ve listed down why books are still relevant on how to choose your favorite selection of audiobooks here.

Use Spotify for a personal experience with language lessons

Through your listening session, Spotify also displays your daily mix. It is a playlist of your favorite songs

Use this daily mix to discover other foreign language songs that will help you choose which songs or podcasts you want to save for the next few weeks or months.

Did you know? There are also foreign versions or renditions of your favorite songs.

Companies like Disney have foreign language audio for their English language content and songs.

It’s a great way to enjoy listening to songs you grew up with but with a twist of listening to them in another language.

Just look them up on the search bar of Spotify or even Google them first and see if they are available.

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