Knowing you’re not alone in a foreign language will give you the best motivation to continue

Forums might seem like a thing of the past, but it is still alive and active with many

From English language learners to German students and even students that want to learn almost extinct languages, you can learn languages from a forum.

An informed language learner will utilize almost any language resource available today.

You’re even lucky to find a language exchange partner in the forums that we will mention below.

How do forums help you learn languages?

You might have your own approach to language learning. People stick to professionals and pay tons of money for apps and language courses to become fluent as fast as possible.

But if you are a casual learner or want to find free language resources online, try to learn languages using a forum.

Forums are where people flock to when they want to look for answers after Googling for quite some time.

Sometimes, it just takes real people to answer questions that we really need to know, especially for language learning.

You’ll be lucky enough to encounter people who can actually teach and not just someone who knows lots of languages.

Certainly enough, there are many polyglots and linguistic students that converse with people no matter what their language level is.

Which language forum to ask for help

The best experience for students apart from learning from a professor, an app, or your friend is through people around the world.

If you don’t have the money, time, or even the confidence to speak to people in person, then try talking with language learners through a forum.


One of the most popular forums for any topic that you can think about is Reddit.

Reddit is a free forum where you can discuss technology, making money, politics, music, food, and

Language learning in Reddit is diverse. You can learn Swedish, Mandarin Chinese, ethnic languages, and even computer languages.

They have a subreddit for these languages and for language learning itself.

The forum works with an approval and disapproval button where you can see which topics are the most trending or on the other hand, not worth your time.

If you’re familiar with Duolingo’s forum feature, you may also see the familiar downside of participating through comments.

However, since Reddit has widespread use all over the world, you’ll never run out of people to talk to.


Marcel, the owner of Linguaholic started his forum 10 years ago.

The best service that forum users love about Linguaholic is their sincerity to give care to fellow language learners.

They assist with any language questions and will also point you to the right people to ask for answers.

They have a topic thread for English language learning, Chinese language learning, German language learning, French language learning, and other languages.

Another favorite thread of the forum users is their Conlanguage thread where you can introduce a new language to others and teach it.

Linguaholic also has a blog for language enthusiasts to read and learn more about. You might even find read methods to learn a language faster than others.

Fluent in 3 Months Forums

Fluent in 3 Months is one of the most famous and well-known language learning websites on the internet.

Benny Lewis, the owner of the website had plans to extend language learning by helping other people with forum discussions.

He speaks seven languages and plans to add more to his already extensive repertory.

This mindset is reflected in the Fluent In 3 Months forum, where he reserves a section/category for conversations about “Speaking the language” and bundles the other non-speaking components of language (writing, reading, listening) into one area.

Regarding categories, the forum features an unusual area labeled “Ladies Only,” which non-members cannot access.

Benny is enthusiastic about his life and frequently posts on the forum about his trips, projects, and, as previously said, evaluations of various language websites and apps he’s tested.

So, if you want an unbiased review from someone who has really used the product, you can use Fluent in 3 Months forums for professional teaching and learning.

Omniglot Forums

One of the earliest and long-standing forums comes from a free online resource that has also been on the internet for quite a long while.
Omniglot, made by

You are not under the prejudice that you know how to learn languages better than anyone.

Hence, people who subscribe and are active in the Omniglot Forums know the genuine interaction that they find here.

You’ll be lucky to find someone who’s really good at teaching a language

However, Omniglot Forums has been closed for quite some time but you can still access their community by going to their Facebook page and other affiliate forums.

Other forums to check out:

  • UniLang
  • Word Reference
  • Forumea
  • Rocket Languages Forum

Some apps and websites even have their own forums. If you’ve subscribed to these premium courses, make sure to look at their community discussion threads.

Moreover, Facebook language group discussions are also a good way to engage in learning a new language.

But be careful of speaking to random strangers online. Make sure that you’re still keeping your private data safe!

Your language journey doesn’t end on one technique

Not every forum can teach you to speak or pronounce a new word. So don’t get stuck looking for people that will teach you languages by words only.

If you have met someone that can be your language exchange partner, then it might be best to try learning languages through Skype.

You cannot stop with just one technique. Find the best forum and then learn languages on your own too.