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Learn languages with an app on Android

learn languages app android

If you’re short on time, the best way to learn a language is using your phone.

Android users have some of the best language learning apps that are both free and premium.

Find some of the best ways to learn languages with an app on Android.

Why learn with a language app?

Take a look at the common apps today. Most of them are gimmicky and full of ads.

So that brings us the question, why learn with language apps?  People often say that they have no time to have real-life conversations with a native speaker of their target language.

Others say, it’s too expensive to get an online teacher or there are too many language courses.

An answer for this problem is in the form of a language learning app.

A language app with a premium version is also available if you want to have the same learning method as intermediate or advanced learners.

But its pricing rate is a bit lower than the usual website-based app.

If you’re interested to learn with a mobile version available on Android, here are some of our recommended apps to learn languages with.


Price: Basic – Free, Premium – €5,83 / Month, Premium Plus €6,66 / month if billed annually

Busuu is one of the popular language apps with a huge catalog of languages. They offer a complete language program

What’s great about Busuu is how it offers correct pronunciations in that native language you’re learning.

Busuu has a feature for your everyday vocabulary. It shows you your weak vocabulary or words you need to improve from your previous language lesson.

Furthermore, you can also take live language tutoring online with Busuu. Their pricing for this feature starts at €22 / Month for the casual student.

On the other hand, Busuu has limited options for languages to learn.

So if you’re trying to find an app with a vast database to select language, then you may have to find additional learning resources.


Price: Free on the app but limited features, $8.49 monthly,  $5/month billed annually, and lifetime US$149.99

The pricing rate has a recurring billing except for the lifetime package. If you pay for the yearly rate, you’ll get your first 7 days free. You will also get 15% off on their regular prices.

Drops offer language options for at least 30 languages that you can switch to anytime.

Language Drops is also available on the Play Store for Android. Drops use a simple approach. It focuses heavily on vocabulary with almost no emphasis on grammar.

Thus, this is one of the few language learning apps that focus on grammar and vocabulary just kind of coming along as you go.

This means you won’t feel forced to learn grammar which sometimes makes it a boring experience.


Price: Free on the app, 14 days free trial, and $6.99 USD per month.

Duolingo is one of the popular apps for its interactive lessons. Its approach to language learning is via flashcards. It also features native pronunciation for its 12 languages.

If you use Duolingo often and frequently find yourself with time to study but no internet connection, Duolingo Plus may be a useful investment.

It is less expensive and more mobile-friendly than other language learning programs, so you will have more possibilities to take advantage of all of Duolingo’s classes as well as additional features.

However, Duolingo is solely intended for language learners who are just starting with no experience.

The target audience for Duolingo is learners who wish to learn a new language from the ground up, with the purpose of making education accessible to everybody.

This course is not for you if you have prior knowledge of your language of choice and wish to advance to a higher level.


Price: Free on the app, but you can pay $83.40/1 year or $8.95/month for 3 months and $7.45/month for 6 months.

The Babbel app’s basic design keeps a new language from becoming overpowering while also keeping it interesting.

Each session walks you through translations, including variants of the word or phrase, illustrations, and whether the translation is official or casual.

The letters are also included if you are asked to spell a sentence.

Learn a new language this year

It’s fun to check language lessons online, especially if your phone is the Android version.

The free version of these apps for languages comes with the basic language courses with an ample amount of words to study for quite some time.

Although if you want to have the intensive method of learning, many of these apps do have a desktop version as well with advanced features or exclusive features.

Start learning a foreign language this year to enhance your language learning skills.

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