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Best Apps to Learn Languages

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You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for the top language learning apps. You will also need to find other ways to learn if you want to. Read to learn more.

What are language learning apps?

You can use language learning tools to help you acquire the foundational abilities needed for fluency. Some groups focus on vocabulary or grammar as the foundation of a language. Others will give you access to audiovisual, reading, or listening materials in your target language.

To help you develop your speaking abilities, some tools can also link you up with virtual teachers for interactive lessons and conversation classes. You may need to employ a variety of tools to strengthen your language proficiency across the core skills.

Why use language learning tools?

In the past, there were only a few sparse resources available to language learners. It was challenging to use bulky dictionaries and complicated grammar books while on the go. Although they still offer students a lot of value, in-person classes and courses can be expensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, you can study at a lower cost and at your own pace with the help of digital language learning tools (or even free).

The benefit of using a Language learning service

the benefit of using a language learning service

Are you constantly on the move or considering relocating to a new country where the language is different? Maybe you want to expand your skill set by learning a new language to be more productive at work.

There are many good reasons to look into online language courses and language learning apps, and each one of them holds equal weight. They can be for anyone, from older individuals who are less comfortable in the classroom to teenagers who want to establish a strong foundation in languages.

You have the freedom to learn the language of your choice at your own pace and from wherever it is most convenient with online language learning services.

You receive the most modern language acquisition models and techniques to use in your classes because language learning lessons are delivered online. This means you can stop worrying about using old-fashioned and ineffective language learning techniques.

The top 9 best apps to learn languages


Since its establishment in 2014, Mondly’s popularity has increased. It uses cutting-edge and audacious technology, including chatbots, virtual reality, and augmented reality, to aid language learning. This might be your platform if you enjoy exploring various features or clicking to find out more. Mondly might be your next best option if you’ve previously had success with Duolingo and Babbel because it feels like a combination of the two with some extra visuals.

Rocket languages

One of those programs that have received a lot of flak in the past, but have proven to pay attention to user input and update its software to meet market demands is Rocket Languages. The platform offers thorough courses that assist you in honing all skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), along with some grammar demonstrations (rather than explanations). You will learn phrases rather than single words because it teaches Latin American languages using the chunking method.


The 2016 launch of Glossika is based on the idea of spaced repetition, which has almost become a requirement for new language learning apps. The app helps you speak languages right away by adapting the content to your level, using audio-based lessons to create an immersive environment. On the platform, you can additionally practice with dictation, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank exercises.


A grammar-based platform is called Lingodeer. Due to its reliance on grammar explanations along with vocabulary study to help you understand the complexities of languages from the start, it may be the app on this list of language learning apps that most closely resembles a traditional course. In addition, Lingodeer offers some extra resources to help you learn languages, including tests, quizzes, cultural narratives, and flashcards.


Babbel has completely taken over the market for language learning thanks to its enticing design, dialogue-based instruction, and short (15-minute) lessons that are simple to finish each day. It’s exciting to hear dialogues right away because it teaches you how the language functions right away.

best apps to learn languages

There are numerous engaging courses to complement it, as well as sporadic notes on grammar and culture to tie everything together. Mini-courses in topics like Business languages, Mexican languages, Listening and Speaking, Countries and Traditions, and others are available in addition to the regular courses that advance you through levels.


An audio-based program called Pimsleur claims that it can teach you languages without interruption or background noise. Pimsleur uses the principles of anticipation, graduated interval recall, context, and a small amount of information at a time to teach you languages, simulating a traditional classroom setting with examples from native speakers.


According to Busuu, you can learn a language in just 10 minutes a day. Because there are so many different courses, exercises, and topics to choose from, it is suitable for all skill levels. Its approach also has an intriguing social element that lets you interact with other users and people who speak the same language as you.

Enabling you to give and receive feedback on other people’s exercises, promotes a sense of community and collaboration. Busuu appears to integrate many of the functions performed by the other apps on this list into a single platform, including general courses, specialized courses, a social tool, and vocabulary and grammar drills.

Rosetta Stone

Despite receiving harsh criticism over the years, Rosetta Stone has been around since 1992 and is still one of the most well-known names in the language learning industry (if you’re interested, here is a fair review of Rosetta Stone). From the first lesson on, Rosetta Stone adopts a hands-on method, barely mentioning grammar or content translation into your native tongue. Instead, the focus is on using immersion and word-to-image correspondence to gradually increase vocabulary.


You’ve probably heard of Duolingo countless times if you’re interested in learning languages, whether you love it or hate it. The free app that teaches you languages through repetition, translation, and quick exercises has taken over the world because it is straightforward, artistically inventive, and useful. You learn vocabulary by working your way through a knowledge tree with the help of Duolingo.

Recent developments show that they have come a long way: not only do they keep adding new material to their courses, but they also have a vibrant community and are working to enhance their current features to diversify their study tools and give students access to more resources.

How to choose the best apps and courses to learn languages?

The best language learning app for you will entirely depend on your goals and learning preferences. A simple vocabulary list might be adequate if all you want to do with languages is order a cup of coffee. However, you must choose language learning apps that regularly teach you to speak, read, and write the language if you want to fully immerse yourself in its culture.

I suggest first downloading a free app that offers a fundamental overview of languages. After that, you might want to consider spending money on a thorough language course to aid in language learning. There isn’t a single program or course that can make you a language pro overnight.

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