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I Need to Learn Spanish Translate

Am I tired of listening to everyone speaking Spanish without understanding a word?

Is it frustrating to forget all the words in the middle of a conversation?

Then I need to learn Spanish translate!

about spanish translate

About Spanish translate

The world has changed and mastering a second language is becoming easier and easier. What should we know about Spanish translate?

About 20 years ago, people interested in learning a new language used bilingual dictionaries. Because it´s not so easy to memorize a large number of words in a short time. Nor is there any guarantee that you will be able to remember the right words in a conversation.

The mind plays tricks on us. Although we understand Spanish perfectly, it´s more difficult for us to speak and express ourselves.

The communication process involves an idea or thought that takes shape through writing or speaking. But if we have the ideas in English and we have to express them in Spanish, it can end up in a mess.

think in spanish

Think in Spanish

The suggestion is to think in Spanish. Not only activate your brain to translate the English phrases you think but activate it in Spanish from the very beginning.

Now, you will definitely need to learn how to translate in Spanish. Otherwise, how would you learn vocabulary and how would you communicate while learning the language?

Translating in Spanish is as easy as doing a simple google search. With so many web resources and apps, all you have to do is pick your favorite and have it ready to use.

Indeed, websites, social networks, apps, and mobile devices have the option to translate automatically. Because the goal is to connect the world and it’s much better when it’s in your native language.

For example, a few days ago we were talking to a Norwegian friend who also speaks English, but not Spanish. And we sent him a message that was automatically translated into Spanish (on FB).

A funny anecdote because we didn’t know we had this translation option active. We ended up apologizing to him for writing in Spanish. Then, to make up for it, we sent him greetings in Norwegian.

This is just a sample of how easy Spanish translations are. You can set them up anywhere for saving time and hassle. Also, make a point to stop using translators and start thinking in Spanish.

i need to learn

I need to learn

English uses four words for this expression “I need to learn“. While Spanish uses only two “necesito aprender“.

More than understandable for any native or non-native Spanish speaker. But let’s break down each term a bit to see how the sentence is composed.


Necesito – I need


Refers to the obligation to do something, to require the presence of someone to accomplish something.


Medieval Latin –necessitas (need).


Includes the prefix –nec which indicates negation as in negligent and nefarious.


Yo + necesit + o

I need

Tú + necesit + as

You need

Él/ella/usted + necesit + a

He/she/you need

Vosotros/vosotras + necesit + áis

You/you need

Nosotros/nosotras + necesit + amos

We/we need

Ellos/ellas/ustedes + necesit + an

They/they/you need


Aprender – To learn


To acquire knowledge of something through exercise, experience, and study. Also used to express the ability to memorize.


It comes from the Latin verb –apprehendere.


ad: towards

prae: before

hendere: to catch, to seize.


Yo + aprend + o

I learn

Tú + aprend + es

You learn

Él/ella/usted + aprend + e

He/she/you learn

Vosotros/vosotras + aprend + éis

You/you learn

Nosotros/nosotras + aprend + emos

We/we learn

Ellos/ellas/ustedes + aprend + en

They/they/you learn

how to use i need to learn

How to use I need to learn

All languages have specific contexts for their expressions. Let’s learn how to use I need to learn (necesito aprender).

A curious fact is that in Spanish you can substitute this phrase with other phrases. It is a cultural question of how Hispanics learn to express themselves.

Necesito aprender español

I need to learn Spanish

Necesito aprender a usar WhatsApp

I need to learn how to use WhatsApp

Necesito aprender a caminar con tacones

I need to learn to walk in heels

Necesito aprender a maquillarme

I need to learn how to use makeup

Necesito aprender programación web

I need to learn web programming

Necesito aprender a sonreír

I need to learn how to smile

Necesito aprender a planificar mis actividades diarias

I need to learn how to plan my daily activities

Necesito aprender a manejar mis finanzas

I need to learn to manage my finances

Necesito aprender a soltar y dejar ir

I need to learn to release and let go

Necesito aprender a estar solo

I need to learn to be alone

i need to learn spanish on my own

I need to learn Spanish on my own

Maybe you got out of bed one morning and said I need to learn Spanish on my own. If so, congratulations! There is nothing more difficult than committing to our own growth and well-being.

However, this learning requires organization, structure, and discipline, not to mention fun. It’s hard to believe that adults have such a hard time having fun. Not in an unhealthy way, but in a healthy way like children.

Moreover, the worst thing is that without that healthy fun it is more difficult for us to achieve things. So, it’s time, you need to learn to be happy. Release expectations and have a lot of fun while learning Spanish!

SERIES y PELÍCULAS para aprender español [2020] || María Español

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