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How to focus on studying? Try Tokyo’s Manuscript Writing Cafe!

tokyo manuscript writing cafe

What’s your way to be productive? Is it through a calm and relaxing music playlist when studying?

Do you often motivate yourself by having a set deadline by the end of the week?

The Manuscript Writing Cafe in Tokyo offers a different perspective on how to focus on studying.

Can the right environment improve your learning habits? Let’s find out!

focus on studying manuscript writing cafe

How to focus on studying on your own

When it comes to studying methods, we all have our own preferences.

You may think that spending a lot of time being buried in learning materials will help retain more information in your brain.

Surprisingly, research shows that straight-A students that study on their own have successful grades and effectively learn even with less time studying.

If you want to know how to learn languages by yourself, start implementing these few tips we’ve discovered from the Manuscript Writing Cafe.

How is Tokyo’s Manuscript Writing Cafe different from other cafes?

Aside from Manuscript Writing Cafe’s unlimited use of coffee, tea, USB ports, and Wi-Fi, it offers a unique experience that no other cafe does – constant reminders.

Before entering the cafe, you need to write your goals and deadline on a card.

Writers must include the type of project they’re working on, the word count they need to reach, and how many of these projects should be done.

The cafe isn’t exclusive to scriptwriters, manga writers, and editors only. So you can even use their space to review new methods to learn languages.

You’ll get reminded of your goals by a few gentle nudges. Customers can set a physical goal-tracking system in the form of the Manuscript Writing Cafe staff.

They will ask a few questions asking if you want a mild reminder, a normal/regular, or a hard/intense one.

They’ll offer a gentle nudge every 30 minutes for their patrons that picked the mild mode or after 1 hour if you picked the normal mode and above.

Their main motivation: You can’t leave the cafe unless you’ve finished your goal for that day

If you’re thinking of leaving right away, you’ll have to finish your task first.

Another reminder if you’re planning to visit Japan’s Manuscript writing cafe: You pay by the hour, so that would already be another reminder for you to stop procrastinating.

meet your deadline manuscript writing cafe tokyo

Do nudges work? Tokyo Manuscript Writing Cafe says so

Gentle reminders are not new for reaching your goal. Most people set a schedule per week on what they should accomplish.

However, are these types of methods and services effective for the Manuscript Writing Cafe customers?

We’ve had the opportunity to ask the staff in the Manuscript Writing Cafe to answer some of these questions in detail.

Tokyo Manuscript Writing Cafe: The writers are motivated by the high level of tension and the environment’s resemblance to a library full of students studying for an exam.

What is your ratio for the degree of verbal pressure when consumers ask you to remind them about how they are doing on their project?

Tokyo Manuscript Writing Cafe: According to our statistics, customers ask 10% for Mild, 85% for Normal, and 5% for Hard.

Is there a connection between success rate and time?

For example, if you often prompt the customers with their writing, you can do more or do it sooner than intended.

Tokyo Manuscript Writing Cafe: We recognized there is no relationship because everyone is focused on a progress check.

Because everyone else is engaged, everyone is naturally focused.

manuscript writing cafe deadlines

Productivity tip in your language study session

The push to become a native speaker may come in handy if you are lacking the desire to finish what you’ve started.

You can take yourself to a peaceful, quiet place like a coffee shop or stay at home to avoid distractions from the constant moving of people.

But who knows? That kind of traffic might be your stimulation in focusing on your next target language.

That said, it’s a good environment that encourages productivity. It’s more important than the constant nudges.

Don’t know where to go for your next language study session? Here are the 4 best places to learn languages.

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