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Games to Learn Spanish Numbers

Did you know that mastering Spanish numbers is as important as mastering the alphabet?

Looking for fun apps to learn?

Find here the games to learn Spanish numbers in record time!

why learning spanish numbers through games

Why learning Spanish numbers through games

Most students agree with me on one thing, learning should be fun. However, many teachers don’t understand why learning Spanish numbers through games is so positive.

The truth is that perhaps they have not yet experienced the benefits of fun during class. Since the student’s mind is more receptive when they feel confident. Even that the brain can retain information better when it´s associated with something pleasant.

As a result, more and more people are beginning to see the teaching-learning process as an adventure. Leaving square and rigid academic stereotypes in the past and adopting flexibility.

It is not in vain that modern schools and educational systems seek primarily the realization of the human being. Moreover, that fulfillment isn´t measured in alphanumeric grades but the quality of life.

In short, the happiness those students achieve during their learning. If this is not enough, here are some other important reasons why you should learn Spanish numbers through games.

  • Numbers make the world go round.
  • It’s one of the first lessons we learn in any language.
  • They are necessary for learning.
  • They are essential for language acquisition.
  • It’s useful in any career.
  • Math skills are needed every day.
  • Spanish is a growing language.
  • Numbers are an important part of everything we do.

how to learn spanish numbers through games

How to learn Spanish numbers through games

All games are fun, but not all students like the same games. That’s why we should analyze how to learn Spanish numbers through games. Lest you end up making something fun, a boring activity.

My friend is a teacher who specializes in children and has a great vocation for education. Therefore, she spends her days inventing games in recycled materials for her children.

I know she does it with passion and devotion, but she’s a little old now. So, the concept of fun education that she has is not the same one that works with all her children.

One day we got to researching and comparing apps vs. traditional games. The truth is that every head is a world and so is every child.

Some had more fun with apps. It must be because the apps adapt to the content the kids watch on TV.

Others enjoyed the traditional games and were able to master the numbers in Spanish. To the latter, we had to add a dose of fun music and many jokes.



Who hasn’t spent an evening playing Uno with family or friends? I think we all have and it has been one of the best.

A classic game encourages us to be competitive and to forget about kinship. It doesn’t matter that mom gets to take a big batch of extra cards or dad misses his turn 3 times in a row. The important thing is that we can use it to learn Spanish numbers.

Define your game rules and make them clear before you start. All participants are required to say the numbers and colors in Spanish. Whoever does not say the Spanish numbers correctly must take 4 extra cards.

The student who runs out of cards first wins. The prize can be a set of cards to practice at home.



The great advantage of bingos is that it combines listening, reading, and pronunciation in Spanish. It’s a way to challenge them and motivate them to pay attention. Remember that while there are active learners, there are passive learners who require a little more support.

Before getting into the game it is important to have taught them the Spanish numbers from 1 to 100. Review them all together in class and repeat them as much as necessary.

You can use many printable bingo models with your group of students. Beginners can use 3×3 grids, intermediate students a typical 5×5 grid. While to the advanced ones you can give them 8×8 grids.

The teacher starts indicating the numbers in Spanish and the students should mark them on the card. Whoever completes a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, shouts Bingo!

If you want to make this game more complex, you can change the grids to lettered numbers. This way you can assess spelling and the correct use of Spanish accents.

Incentivize their participation with small prizes such as stickers, pencils, or fun things. You’ll see their competitive spirit come out in no time.

counting catch

Counting Catch

Counting catch allows you to learn Spanish numbers while including a good dose of physical activity. This is something all kids love, running, jumping, and moving.

Organize your group of students in a circle and define what numbers they are going to count up to. Take a ball and toss it to the first student who should start with a number.

He or she will pass the ball to another student of his or her choice. That student must loudly call out the next number in the given order.

For example, if it´s from 1 to 10, from 1 to 100, from 1 to 1000. If it´s one by one, two by two, five by five, and so on. Instructions should be clear before starting the game.

This is a fun and relaxed game ideal to warm up the engines. You can even apply it as an evaluation, since having fun, the tension of the exam decreases noticeably.

Top 3 games to learn Spanish numbers

Before we show you the traditional games that we can play in groups. Now we want to show you the apps that also work great with kids. These are the top 3 games to learn Spanish numbers available on any device.

Virtual games are an excellent alternative for everyone. Even adults can learn Spanish numbers very easily.


1. Rockalingua

Rockalingua is a Spanish language educational portal especially designed for children. They have unique and effective teaching resources. The Spanish numbers section offers several fun games where the student choose the level of difficulty they want to play.

digital dialects

2. Digital Dialects

Digital Dialects has a whole host of resources in games for beginner-level students. Younger students in the classroom can play too. It has a very eye-pleasing interface, so kids will never get bored.

games to learn numbers for kids 123

3. Games to learn numbers for kids 123!

Games to learn numbers for kids 123!, available for Android. Children will experience fascinating adventures while learning Spanish numbers. From being on a lake, at home, or in the galaxy.

With this game, children develop fine motor skills and memory. An intellectual challenge that will lead them to discover what the problem is and solve it.

magic of numbers

Magic of numbers

The entire universe is composed of mysteries and more mysteries. Among those mysteries is the magic of numbers. Enigmas can only be deciphered through the numerical sciences.

We can say that our existence is a great-unsolved equation, in many cases. Hence, the Great Spirit communicates with us through fantastic numerical signals, if you manage to understand them.

These numerical signals are known as synchronicities. The most popular is the 11:11 that we usually see when our spiritual awakening begins or is about to begin.

It isn´t that we choose to pay attention to them but that this and other numbers follow us wherever we go. If this has happened to you, congratulations, you are on the right path. I’m sure you’re not crazy.

If you haven’t seen any number synchronicities, I think you soon will. In the meantime, enjoy the best games to learn Spanish numbers. That way you’ll understand when the universe speaks to you in Spanish!

Games for Learning the Numbers in Spanish

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