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French blogs to help your language journey

french blogs to aid your language journey

The journey of learning a language is different for everybody. Bloggers help us to combine the differences by sharing a piece of their experiences and opinions in a written format that is free and easy to read.

Today, we will unravel the journey of 9 bloggers to learn from their experiences with French while inculcating a few language tips and cultural secrets that come our way.

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9 Addictive French learning blogs

The most common reason to read a blog post is to learn something new. On a broader scope, blogs create multiple pieces of content that discuss a trend from multiple angles for free.

Language blogs have been well received for their compelling writing, informative resources, and authentic newsletters. To get you started, here is a list of 9 addictive French learning blogs to recognize the effect of language learning and widen your learning opportunities.

1. Leonce Chenal

This blog is your weekly dose of cultural content. It is run by Leonce, a French expat who spent several years in Paris and started this online space with a series of blogs to explore a wide range of topics like French fashion, lifestyle, beauty, interiors, travel, and food.

Learn everything from the most iconic French perfume brands to redecorating a classic bistro-style French kitchen and get a glimpse of the French art of living.

leonce chenal

2. Oui In France

Oui In France is an authentic lifestyle blog run by Diane that predominantly focuses on the French language and culture. Her blogs offer a reality check from time to time about living in France contrary to the magical life that people dream of.

Check out her blog to be aware of all the cultural differences, quick French lessons, basic struggles, and embarrassing encounters of an immigrant.

oui in france

3. Just French it

This website attracts French learners with its overflowing blog posts on language learning techniques and other useful recommendations and resources to put an end to our never-ending doubts.

It was created by Marie, a French native professional teacher who extends her teaching experience and methods to a larger audience through her blogs with an intent to improvise your French.

just french it

4. French Today

French Today is hosted by a French family, Camille, Oliver, and their daughter Leyla. Their blog section features over 500 articles that will act as a guide in preparing you to interact with French people.

These blog posts are combined with innovative teaching methods and audiobooks for students of all levels. Receive weekly updates and suggestions on French grammar, verb conjugations, culture, and vocabulary.

french today

5. French together

Benjamin Houy discovered a great way to help students get closer to their language goals with a simple 80/20 rule. Step into this website to learn the 20% of French you need to understand 80% of conversations.

His blogs are geared towards reliable French content to achieve fluency with consistent effort. It is an ideal resource for people who wish to apply real-life experiences to language learning.

french together

6. Comme Une Française

Comme Une Française is a modern French blog by Géraldine Lepère. Her blogs shine through with her unique insights on French matters and cultural lessons for worldwide francophiles.

Follow her on her French journey to quench your curiosity about France and French life. Understand the subtleties and intricacies of learning the language in a format that makes it easier for you to enjoy.

comme une francaise

7. Talk in French

Created by Frédéric Bibard, the blogs on this website offer a good mix of content and methods to form a learning habit among people of all ages. His lessons are designed to cultivate your motivation with free content-packed resources.

The articles are well organized in three main parts: beginner, intermediate, and advanced learner. Read, learn, and share your thoughts amongst fellow French addicts with informative blogs and comprehensive lessons.

talk in french

8. Discover discomfort

Discover discomfort is a language blog run by Dana and Jo, who are on a mission to connect with people of different backgrounds. This website offers exceptional French blogs that revolve around insights into the language, cultural awareness, and cool destinations.

Besides French, it also teaches Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, German, Hebrew, Korean, Swahili, and Spanish. Therefore, it creates a suitable platform for polyglots to share the similarities and differences between these languages.

discover discomfort

9. Français avec Pierre

Français avec Pierre is a website exclusively in French hosted by Pierre and his wife, Noemi. It is the premier site to receive intriguing free resources and professional courses for beginner and intermediate learners.

Pierre is a trained FLE teacher who has an academic approach to his lessons with a creative touch. His blogs include multiple topics to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation through simplified concepts and fun methods.

francais avec pierre

A simple solution to all our questions

The above French blogs strive to add a variety to your language learning process with witty jokes and relatable scenarios written in a friendly tone.

Read a blog to reflect upon new perspectives from an alternative point and receive fresh updates every week to find a simple solution to all your French-related questions.

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