Spanish expressions: En cuanto a…, con referencia a…

spanish expressions en cuanto a con referencia a

En cuanto a and Con referencia a are two expressions you can use when you want to express your opinion or say something about the subject that is being discussed. You cannot conjugate or change these expressions. Except for the change of the preposition “a” for “al”.


En cuanto a and con referencia a are not so common phrases in Spanish but they are indeed helpful when you need to set a reference or talk about something that has been said. words. Native speakers generally tend to use “sobre” when they want to refer to something in a topic. However, these expressions will help you be more formal and, as a result, may be more convincing during speech. Then, if you want to improve your Spanish speaking skills, don’t think twice and keep reading this brief explanation.


How to use en cuanto a


The phrase en cuanto a can be both an adverb and a thematic phrase. You can use en cuanto a to introduce a topic that we will discuss or talk about. Also, Spanish speakers use it to change the topic or to refer to one aspect of the topic that is being discussed concerning the other aspects.In other words, en cuanto a indicates the subject matter.


En cuanto a can be similar to as to, respect to, concerning, and as regards in English. So, in Spanish, we use it similarly. Here are some examples.


El no nos dijo nada en cuanto a si iba a ir con nosotros al cine, por eso asumo que se va a quedar en su casa.

He didn’t tell us anything about whether he was going to go to the movies with us, so I’m assuming he’s staying at his house.


Bueno, en cuanto a mí, no estoy contento con el resultado de la prueba del otro día, creo que el profesor se equivocó corrigiendo.

Well, as for me, I’m not happy with the result of the test the other day, I think the teacher made a mistake correcting.


Parece que no llegaron a un acuerdo en cuanto a cómo van a resolver el problema de los trabajadores con la compañía.

It seems that they did not reach an agreement as to how they are going to solve the problem of the workers with the company.


When to use con referencia a


When we speak of the word referencia. We refer to the explanation or relationship of an event that we make by word or in writing. Now, con referencia a is a prepositional phrase. These use the preposition “a” after the word referencia to introduce the term to which they refer. Then,  it is not convenient to omit this preposition. A way to use con referencia a is when you want to refer to a topic you are talking about. Here are some examples.


Con referencia a la universidad, todo va bien, voy excelente con mis notas y tengo muy buenos amigos.

About the university, everything is going well. I am doing excellent with my grades and I have very good friends.


Ahora, si hablamos con referencia a la economía del país, me parece que ha mejorado en los últimos dos años a comparación de como estaba antes.

Now, if we talk about the country’s economy, it seems to me that it has improved in the last two years, compared to how it was before.


Con referencia a mi amiga Gabriela, ella es una gran mujer. Esta llena de valores y hace reir a cualquiera, sin duda es una gran amiga.

With reference to my friend Gabriela, she is a great woman. She is full of values ​​and makes anyone laugh, without a doubt she is a great friend.


En cuanto + al and con referencia + al


In Spanish, there are other ways to use en cuanto a and con referencia. The first one is en cuanto al. You can use it by adding the article “el” to the preposition “a”, which contracts in the form “al”. For example,


En cuanto al presupuesto del salón, me gustaría eliminar algunas cosas de la lista para ver si logramos reducirlo un poco.

Regarding the budget for the hall, I would like to cross a few things from the list to see if we can reduce it a little.


En cuanto al ajedrez, yo solo conozco algunas reglas, pero me gustaría aprender más para poder competir en las nacionales.

As for chess, I only know a few rules, but I would like to learn more so that I can compete in the nationals.


En cuanto al asunto de Paola y Armando es mejor que no te metas en eso, después te pueden involucrar en el problema.

As for the matter of Paola and Armando, it is better that you do not get involved in that, later they can involve you in the problem.


As said, you can also use con referencia a with the preposition “al”, after referencia. Here are some examples,


Profesor, con referencia al libro que nos mandó, quisiera comentar cinco puntos que considero importantes.

Professor, regarding the book you sent us, I would like to comment on five points that I consider important.


Con referencia al viaje de graduación, creo que es mejor que vayamos a la playa, es mucho más divertido.

With reference to the graduation trip, I think it is better that we go to the beach, it’s much more fun.


Con referencia al riesgo de pérdidas para la empresa, que pudiésemos hacer? /

With reference to the risk of losses for the company, what could we do?


Generally speaking, en cuanto a and con referencia a helps you explain what you think about a topic discussed. As well, these phrases work to add or relate information to the previous one. They also help you develop in formal conversations where you must address an audience with respect. Remember that you can’t change these no matter the gender or number. If you keep all we have said in this article, we can assure you that it will be very easy for you to have perfect handling of en cuanto a and con referencia a.

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