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Cool games to play with French

games to learn french

Say goodbye to your traditional methods of learning French and plunge into the francophone world through games. Games are the best pair to your learning.

Games bring out the most competitive and strategical side of a person. It is a cool tactic to learn a lot of things without being aware of it. On that note, let’s unravel the different online and social games that are available out there.

Online games to learn French

We can enjoy learning French through a lot of things but nothing comes closer to games. Online games create an urge to think out of the box, teach you to respond quickly, and keeps your mind active.

1. MOddou

MOddou is a website that is filled with activities, exercises, and plenty of games to learn French. There is a wide range of topics to play with under each section. The vocabulary section comes with its audio content.

This site is animated and designed uniquely with games that revolve around conjugations, classifying negative and positive phrases, opposites, short quizzes that cover basic grammar concepts, and the list goes on.

Each game keeps us occupied and engaged that we become unaware of the amount of French content we intake in a day.

2. Ver Taal

Ver Taal is for all those who are trying to work on their listening skills. It features trailers, songs of famous artists, advertisements, and short clips with several exercises associated with it.

Though its primary focus seems to lie towards the listening aspect of French, it does provide an equally cool and challenging section to learn grammar and new vocabulary with games like crossword, match the following, choose the best option, etc.

3. French games.net

French games.net  is a popular site to play and study French simultaneously. It allows us to choose a particular topic and provides a short lesson before moving into the gaming section.

It is mainly geared towards beginners to keep up with the common vocabulary, phrases, and grammar. All the games are subjected to the lessons and topics we choose. It also comes with a set of tutorials and tests to help us become proficient in French at a simpler level.

4. Digital Dialects

Digital Dialects offers a variety of practice materials and games to learn French alongside other foreign languages. It is suitable for both independent users and classroom purposes.

You can revise, practice, and test your knowledge of French vocabulary, phrases, grammar, spelling, and pronunciation with multiple interactive games.

All the games are user-friendly and don’t require any software downloads. Its graphical representation and bright colors keep it lively and entertaining.

5. Bescherelle

Bescherelle proposes simple and high-quality games to improvise our French. Its gaming methods emphasize syllables, verbs, and grammar through online board games. It put forths a series of questions as we click the die on the left to move along the board.

It calculates our in-depth knowledge of the topic and mostly focuses on the rules oriented with French. With each game, we would be able to rate our level and clarify our doubts.

Further, it includes an array of games for identifying the meaning of words, plural endings, and gender. Overall, it is packed with a set of fun and captivating games that are a delight to play with.

Interactive and social games to learn French

Though online games are a creative and amusing addition to your French routine, a language is well understood when we interact and communicate with other linguists and passionate learners. Interactive games help you to advance your fluency, vocabulary and thought process.

1. Que suis-je? (What am I?)

Number of players: 2 or more

How to play: It is a classic game that forces us to think and guess. Take a piece of paper and write the name of a famous person, an object, or an animal and stick it on the head of your opponent who doesn’t get to see what is written.

The main goal of your opponent is to identify the hidden name with the right set of questions. Only “Yes” or “no” questions are allowed and your opponent gets 10 chances or less based upon your agreement with each other before the game begins.

Questions can be like: Est-ce que je suis une actrice? , Suis-je une personne âgée ? Je suis célèbre? etc. Depending on your answers to the questions your opponent will guess and finalize an answer to reveal his identity.

The same procedure is repeated with the roles reversed and played several times. The person who guesses the right answer scores a point and the one with the highest score wins in the end.

Benefits of this game: You get to play with the different and possible ways to pose a question. You can also explore French entertainment if you include names of French personalities in your game.

2. Ni Oui Ni Non (Neither yes nor no)

Number of players: 2

How to play: You choose an opponent and take turns to ask several questions. The only rule is to frame a sentence that doesn’t involve a yes or a no.

Here is the tricky part, the questions that your opponent asks should be smart enough to get a yes or a no from you. On the contrary, you have to outsmart them and reply carefully to avoid those two words.

Questions can be like: Vous avez faim? (Are you hungry?)

You can respond by saying:absolument(absolutely) or J’ai une faim de loup(I am hungry as a wolf).

Benefits of this game:  At the initial stages of our French journey, we fumble with words. The most frequently used word is “oui” because it makes our work easy. This game forces you to find all the possible ways to respond to a question besides yes or no.

3. Le Pendu (Hangman)

Number of players: 2 or more

How to play: The rules of the game are simple. You think of a word or a phrase in French and draw the number of dashes equivalent to the number of letters in the word on a piece of paper.

Your opponent guesses all the possible letters that occur in the word. If the word contains the suggested letter, you write it down in the appropriate blank.

If your opponent makes a wrong guess you draw one element from the hangman structure and the same procedure continues for all the suggested wrong letters. For each right guess you get closer to identifying the word and score a point.

Benefits of this game: It is a game of words. You get to learn a lot of vocabulary in French under different topics.

4. Simon dit/Jacques a dit (Simon says)

Number of players: preferably a group of 5 to 10 or more

How to play: One player is assigned as Jacques, the other players take commands from him. The players must obey the order only if the word Jacques is included.

For example, Jacques a dit: “Touchez votre nez” then all the players will touch their nose but if he simply says ” touch your nose” without including the word Jaques then you are not supposed to do the action. If you do, you lose. The person who stands till the end of the game wins.

Benefits of this game: It is another word game. It is well suited for classrooms to learn the vocabulary of a particular topic like body parts, objects, etc.

Play and learn

We never know how good we are at something unless we test ourselves and games act as one of the perfect testing platforms on any occasion.

The more we play the more we impart imagination, creative thoughts, and insights. Games are a practice tool to try out all the things we have learned.

With the inclusion of games, it becomes a necessity to have fun. Take your French to the next level with all the above games and come back for more.

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