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Best ways to learn languages online

best ways to learn languages online

There are many types of language learners. Visual learners, audio learners, interactive learners, you name them.

Quick lessons are one of the best ways to learn languages online.

But there are still many language elements when it comes to studying on your own.

Let’s take a look at which methods you should use when learning a language.

Best ways to learn languages online

You don’t always have to attend language classes physically.

As a language student, there are many opportunities to learn a foreign language even when you’re at home.

However, the time commitment is very crucial for any of these language options especially if you’re learning for business, work, or immigrating to another country.

That’s why we’ve listed a few other techniques we know that will motivate you to practice your language skills.

Make new friends

It’s great to learn basic grammar with friends that can teach you common mistakes as someone who’s learning their language for the first time.

If you’re learning a language from scratch, it might be difficult to be friends with a native speaker.

But, many are willing to teach you, especially if you’re enrolled in a school or living with a host family.

Online classes with an instructor

Online language courses are a great option for people who want to commit to a schedule to advance a level in their target language.

A language expert is needed for intensive courses that will get you from A1 to C1 in just a few months.

A private one-on-one class can be more expensive especially if you want to move to a new country right away.

However, the most excellent options for learning with an instructor that you can find on online language teaching platforms like iTalki, Preply, or Verbling might be cheaper for you.

Do what kids do

Language acquisition for children is easy for their age. How do kids learn a language so fast?

Children often mimic people and learn by spaced repetition.

Practical phrases are often what kids learn first since they talk with their peers or have casual talks with their parents.

These essential phrases are common phrases that they use when they need to go to the bathroom, eat their food, or ask for directions.

It’s not a surprise that every beginner must know these basic phrases first.

Start using your language skills every day

It’s a good practice to start talking in the foreign language that you want to master.

But how do you do this? You should start thinking in that language.

Use it when you’re driving, or set your mobile phone’s language settings to that target language.

You can also even watch movies dubbed in Italian, German, or Spanish just to push you into mastering your language process.

Learn about the culture

A person who wants to be a fluent Korean speaker would know how important it is for Koreans to speak formally with the correct verb ending to someone who is older than them.

French speakers, on the other hand, should give respect by removing any sunglasses, or hats, and doing verbal greetings to someone they just met.

Culture is very important in understanding what conversation context is about.

So, if you want to invest your time in that language, get to know their beliefs, traditions, culture, food, art, and other influences that make their people who they are.

Determine which online resources work for you

Online resources for learning your target language also help you become motivated.

You can research online dictionaries, short online language courses, downloadable PDFs, or workbooks.

You may want to get a premium subscription from a language learning app if you want to improve your skill level.

We’ve already discussed some apps that you can use (both free and premium subscriptions) in this post.

A holistic approach to learning languages

As many innovators today know that people like doing tasks mobile, there might be a ton of language learning programs that act as interactive lessons like a game and as online courses.

In fact, you don’t need to spend monthly subscriptions if you have better online resources that teach a handful of languages in a free app.

However, expect that you may not learn the right grammar in a conversational context.

These grammatical rules are very important since you can’t rely on apps in real-life situations.

That said, we suggest that you try to look for apps that prompt you to speak and talk to native speakers like HelloTalk and TalkAbroad.

Don’t expect one of them to be a flashcard-type of a mobile app.

You can talk in the native language of the country you are visiting and meet a language partner to practice your conversational skills.

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