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Best TV Shows to Watch to Learn Spanish

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Do you want to learn Spanish without boring?

Don’t worry! We’ll show you how to learn while doing what you love!

Just enjoying the best TV shows to watch to learn Spanish!

why learn spanish through tv shows

Why learn Spanish through TV shows?

Modern educational sciences have determined that fun makes learning more effective. Anyone who has done it before knows how true this is.

The resources we use to learn can range from good reading, flashcards, songs, games, to a good movie. This is one of the reasons why learning Spanish through TV shows is a brilliant idea.

Here are the most important reasons why you should learn Spanish while enjoying a TV show.

  • Constantly exposed to the language.
  • Listening to how native speakers express themselves.
  • Learning and practicing listening comprehension.
  • Learning about different Hispanic cultures and lifestyles.
  • Increasing your vocabulary.
  • Learning to identify accents belonging to different Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Improving your oral skills by repeating phrases with no stage fright.
  • You are motivated to learn the meanings of unknown expressions.
  • There is no need to pay more because these language practices are free.
  • Schedule your timetable.
  • You make the most of your free and leisure time.
  • Choose your own program – lesson.

maximizing your spanish learning experience

Maximizing your Spanish learning experience

Want to get the most out of everything? By following these suggestions, you will be maximizing your Spanish learning experience. Be sure to put them into practice!

Watch programs that interest you

When something doesn’t captivate your attention, the normal response is rejection or inaction. Moreover, this can happen to you when you learn Spanish through TV programs.

That’s why we suggest you watch programs that interest you. Something that grabs you from beginning to end.

You don’t have to watch a cooking show if you are passionate about soccer. Nor do you have to spend hours watching a series, if soap operas are your thing.

Regular views

You already know that it is possible to learn Spanish while watching a good TV show. But it’s not enough to do it once a month, you must take regular views.

Contact your cable provider and get a package of Hispanic channels. Once active, you will have at your fingertips the best and most famous programs in Spanish. By dedicating an hour a day to them, your fluency will improve rapidly.


You’ve already added Spanish-language TV shows to your entertainment menu. Now let’s move on to the replay that will help you catch the expressions better. If you have trouble understanding it the first time, just use the remote control to repeat it as many times as necessary.

Subtitles on

Some cable and streaming providers have subtitles on options for Hispanic programming. Enjoy the program in Spanish and feel free to turn on the English subtitles to compare while listening and reading the translations.

When you feel more prepared, try watching the same program without subtitles. These practices will improve your reading comprehension and interpretation of Spanish.

Top 5 TV programs to learn Spanish

They are practically infinite, with a variety as extensive as they are countless. This is our top 5 TV programs to learn Spanish. Don’t miss them!

They are available for children, youth, adults, and the golden-aged. You’ll get them on your trusted cable provider, Netflix, and Amazon Prime!

plaza sésamo sesame street

1. Plaza Sésamo

Plaza Sésamo (Sesame Street) is a Mexican children’s series that was born on November 13, 1972. It aired from then until April 27, 2020. Its approach combines fun with education, promoting the development of emotional, social, and cognitive skills in children.

Telemundo, Univision, Las Estrellas, UniMás, and Channel 5 officially broadcast this series. The most popular channels among Latino and Hispanic audiences in general. Today it is available on several streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime, iTunes, Hulu, and YouTube.


2. Pocoyó

Pocoyó (Pocoyo) is a British-Spanish series from 2005. The 3D animation reached a total of 5 seasons and 157 super funny episodes. It is the adventures of a very curious boy (Pocoyo) and his best friends.

The series is especially aimed at preschool children. It´s full of good pedagogical and educational messages. In addition, the colors, textures, music, and movements stimulate the senses of the youngest members of the family.

Pocoyo’s charm has spread around the world to become very famous in countries such as Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Not only children enjoy it, but also adults. Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and official website.

la casa de papel money heist

3. La Casa de Papel

La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) is a 2017 Spanish series that recounts the masterful robbery of the National Mint (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre).

The heist genre became a phenomenon thanks to this Netflix show that knew how to win the hearts of a huge worldwide audience. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you enjoy it in good company.

paquita salas

4. Paquitas Salas

Paquita Salas is a 2016 Spanish series that tells the story of a successful artist manager who must start over. His most important client decides to leave him and he sets out in search of new talent, along with his assistant and a delivery boy.

This series has 3 seasons and 16 episodes loaded with laughs and fun. Original from Netflix, available only on the platform.

5. Cómo Sobrevivir Soltero

Como Sobrevivir Soltero (How to Survive Single) is a Mexican series from 2020. So far, it has 1 season and 10 episodes, being exclusive of Amazon Prime.

It tells us the anecdotes of Sebastian, who just before getting married and after 10 years of relationship, finds out that his girlfriend has cheated on him. It’s been a long time and now he throws himself back into the digital romance arena. You’re sure to die laughing at this Amazon show unless you’ve lived through it and don’t think it’s so funny.

Spanish TV is your best complement

Learning a new language goes far beyond the classroom, which is never too much to get a solid foundation. It also involves surrounding yourself with the language, culture, customs, and people.

That is why Spanish TV is your best complement in the process of learning Spanish. More than just having fun, you will learn vocabulary and improve your language comprehension skills.

Take advantage of your leisure time by combining it with your Spanish practice. It’s time to grow while you are having fun!

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