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Best Spanish Language Series on Netflix

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How about a series marathon while taking advantage of the time to learn or practice your Spanish?

Yes, this time we’re swapping the boring classroom for a comfy chair and a quilted blanket.

As well as our recommendation of the best Spanish language series on Netflix!

why learn spanish while watching your favorite netflix series

Why learn Spanish while watching your favorite Netflix series?

Many language fans are also fans of TV series and programs. And they ask us if it is possible to learn and improve their language skills by watching their favorite shows. Our only answer is yes!

But why learn Spanish by watching your favorite Netflix series? Because they are a great way to immerse yourself in the forms of expression, vocabulary, and grammar of the language you are interested in.

In this case, watching a series in Spanish introduces you to scenarios of everyday Spanish-speaking life. Not only do you learn their culture, but also the slang used in each region.

This is one of the best ways to learn a new language. Especially one like Spanish, which is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Series have it all, a captivating story, audio, and pronunciation, writing through subtitles, idioms, and lots of fun!

Top 10 best Spanish-language series on Netflix

Below we will give you our recommendation of the top 10 best Spanish-language series on Netflix. Whether you’re a Spanish student or not, we’re sure you’re going to love them!

All of our recommendations are available on Netflix USA. Here you can enjoy genres like comedy, drama, and more. In addition, listen to the different Spanish accents from Spain and different Latin American countries.

la casa de papel

1. La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

La casa de Papel (Money Heist) is a four-season Netflix original series; premiered in 2017 and continues captivating its fans. From day one, it has enjoyed such success that there is even a documentary about it.

It belongs to the crime genre and features Úrsula Corberó, álvaro Morte, and Itziar Ituño. It tells the story of a robbery at the Spanish National Coin and Stamp Factory, carried out by eight thieves. It has won the Iris, Fénix, and International Emmy awards.


2. Monarca

Monarca is a two-season drama series produced by Salma Hayek, written by Diego Gutiérrez, and starring Irene Azuela. It was launched in 2019 and is still present on the platform delighting its fans.

It’s an original show from Mexico that addresses the family life of a multimillionaire tequila tycoon from the corrupt side. His daughter Ana María takes the reins of the family business when she sees that her father is looking for a successor. It´s there where everything begins to come to light.


3. Élite (elite)

Élite (Elite) is a three-season teen mystery and drama series originating from Spain. It has been running from 2018 to the present, featuring Jaime Lorente, María Pedraza, and Miguel Herrán, among others.

It talks about the lives of three working-class teenagers who enroll in a super-exclusive private school in Spain. The clash with the children of elite society doesn´t result in a happy conclusion.

control z

4. Control Z

Control Z is a two-season teen drama series originating from Mexico and has been on the platform from 2020 to the present. It is set in a Mexican high school where a hacker unveils the secrets of the students.

The problem is that the protagonist, an observant and introverted girl, has some things to hide. That’s why she allies with another student to discover the hacker’s identity. The good news is that the third season will premiere in 2022!

la cocinera del castamar

5. La Cocinera del Castamar (The Cook of Castamar)

La Cocinera del Castamar (The Cook of Castamar) is a romantic drama one season originally from Spain. It is set in 1720s Madrid and tells the story of a widowed duke who rejoins society. In the process, his gaze falls on a wonderful cook.

Starring Michelle Jenner, Roberto Enriquez, and Hugo Silva. Nominated four times for the Iris Awards.


6. Ingobernable

Ingobernable is a two-season drama and political thriller originating in Mexico from 2017-2018. It is the story of a peace advocate first lady who discovers that her husband the president is not the good person he appears to be.

Simultaneously, the husband is murdered and she turns out to be the main suspect. So she must gather all her strength and go on the run while trying to uncover the truth and clean up her image. Starring Kate del Castillo, Eréndira Ibarra, and Alberto Guerra.

la reina del flow

7. La Reina del Flow (The Queen of Flow)

La Reina del Flow (The Queen of Flow) is a 2018 one-season Colombian drama series. It tells the story of a talented songwriter who, after spending almost two decades in prison unjustly, allies herself with the police. The goal is to catch the murderer of her family, a reggaeton singer who also became famous for her songs.

According to official sources, the second season will be available on the platform from November 17, 2021. No doubt, those fans will have plenty of hours to enjoy and practice a very rich Spanish.

las chicas del cable

8. Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls)

Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls) is a five-season period drama series originating from Spain. Set in the 1920s, it tells the story of four girls who gain employment at a revolutionary telecommunications company.

While working, they must attend to their personal affairs and the changing role of women in a patriarchal society. Winner of the 2017 Ondas Awards, it stars Blanca Suárez, Yon González, and Ana Fernández.


9. Narcos

Narcos is a three-season action-adventure series originating in Colombia in 2015. More than a series, it is the biography of Pablo Escobar.

It tells the adventures of the DEA agents who pursued him. As you take a walk through the Colombian drug cartels and their lifestyles.

Awarded Best Drama Series and Best Acting Ensemble at the 2017 Fénix Awards in Mexico. Featured by Wagner Moura, Pedro Pascal, and Boyd Holbrook. It is half in English and half in Spanish, so you can turn the subtitles on or off depending on your preference.

alguien tiene que morir

10. Alguien Tiene Que Morir (Someone Has To Die)

Alguien Tiene Que Morir (Someone Has To Die) is a one-season drama originating from Spain in 2020. Set in Franco’s Spain in the 1950s, it tells the story of two boys with a very close relationship for the time.

The greatest damage occurs when they begin to understand what they really are in the midst of a society that condemns them. Starring Carmen Maura, Cecilia Suárez, and Ester Expósito. Nominated for four Platino Awards.

The best selection of Netflix series in Spanish

Whether for studies, for curiosity, for love of art, for culture, or fun. Take a moment to enjoy the best selection of Netflix series in Spanish that we have left for you.

If this inspires you and you want to discover more series of this type, Netflix will surely be recommending other equally good options. Don’t just stick with what you learned in the language school. Learn more styles, cultures, and live every story with a Spanish passion!

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