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Best German movies to watch to learn German

best german movies to watch to learn german

Foreign movies will immerse you in your target language.

Especially if you’re into German culture, you will discover the best German classic literature with music videos and movies.

If you want a German lesson with native speakers, you need the best German movies to watch to learn German.

Will watching movies improve my German?

You can even see the difference between German actors and famous celebrities in the English-speaking world.

Many of these authentic videos have engaging plots that keep their viewers hooked.

Movies are just enjoyable and engaging.

You may save them for times when you’re simply too tired to accomplish anything more strenuous.

Some of these are talking to your language partner to learn German or using an app with flashcards.

It’s the same as saving your most difficult exercises until the conclusion of a workout when you have the least amount of energy.

Movies also frequently employ natural conversational German.

Also, watching movies is a great method to become more culturally aware.

Discussing a famous film is a terrific way to connect with German friends.

Consider how many English discussions you would miss out on if you didn’t know any prominent English-speaking celebrities.

Movies help recall words and become acquainted with new terminology.

Foreign films can help you learn a language if you know how to pronounce the words and comprehend English well enough to memorize and apply what you’ve learned.

You may learn English by impersonating every character in the movie.

Keep in mind that if your German is very advanced, you should go ahead and watch without subtitles.

Even if you leave the subtitles on, viewing these episodes can greatly aid your pronunciation and understanding of the natural flow of the language.

Common themes in German movies

Why are German movies always about German History, the secret police of Nazis, or documentary films?

As Hitler’s popularity grew in Germany, many members of the German film industry relocated to Hollywood in response to the Nazi party’s ascendancy.

As a result, the German Expressionist aesthetic was significantly affected by Hollywood’s Film Noir pictures, particularly in their use of shadows, as shown in The Third Man (1949).

Expressionism, according to Kunz,e has affected the visual style and storytelling of notable directors such as Orson Welles and Ingmar Bergman.

However, you can also experience learning German through a comedy film or German thriller.

Why turn subtitles on when learning a language?

Do you want to learn German? Then turn off the English subtitles and start reading German subtitles instead!

Benefits of turning on the subtitles:

  • Improves reading and listening comprehension
  • Increases vocabulary, as well as word recognition and grammar
  • It aids in the visualization of a new language.

Language learners will benefit greatly from original language films with subtitles.

If your German is intermediate to advanced, you can view movies with subtitles in German, which is much better.

Netflix is an excellent tool for language learners since it provides a plethora of subtitle alternatives.

The selection of German films below will help you obtain a better grasp of the language and culture of German speakers.

If you’re learning German, this list should help you come up with fun activities to do on days when your head hurts from studying and you simply need to unwind for a few hours.

Best German movies to Learn German

Since most of us have been unable to go internationally recently, viewing foreign films is a terrific way to get a sense of life on the European continent.

Watching movies in German is a fun and efficient approach to enhancing your listening skills.

You’ll also pick up new words and phrases with no effort.

But how can you strike the appropriate balance between too difficult content and movies that are just interesting enough for your level?

Learn with a buddy and pick a movie that interests you the most.

You’ll be more driven to work on it this way, and you’ll be able to discuss it in German as well.

In the absence of it, you may attempt this with your language tutor.

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (“Die Bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant”) (1972)

The video introduces you to the distinctive and endearing Bavarian dialect through the enigmatic Karin.

If you’ve been to the south of Germany, this movie will help you pick up on the German language subtleties in this region.


This historical hospital series is set in 1888 in Europe’s largest clinic, Charité Berlin, where eminent researchers Rudolf Virchow, Ernst von Bergmann, and three future Nobel laureates Robert Koch, Emil von Behring, and the founder of chemotherapy, Paul Ehrlich contended for success.

This presentation is as entertaining as it is instructive.

You may not only strengthen your German while viewing, but you can also discover plenty about the history of medical and political changes in Germany towards the end of the nineteenth century.

Good-bye Lenin (2003)

One year after the collapse of the Mauer Wall, the German Democratic Republic is demolished.

A little youngster participates in anti-government protests in Berlin.

His mother had a heart attack and falls into a coma.

Alex acts like nothing has happened and attempts to conceal it from her.

This tragic comedy will make you laugh your socks off, but it’s also about the nation’s transition to capitalism, which is an important element of Germany’s modern history.

The cast comprises many of the German’s most prominent performers, including Daniel Brühl, Katrin Saß, and Chulpan Khamatova.

Das Leben der Anderen (Others’ Lives) – 2006

Das Leben der Anderen, arguably one of the most well-known German films, shows the terrible occupation of the Stasi (the East German secret police) in East Berlin in the 1980s.

Gerd Wiesler, a Stasi operative, is sent to spy on a Berlin playwright, but he grows more uneasy doing so.

The Lives of Others is a smart, engrossing Communist-era drama with significant breakout potential.

While it might be cut into parts, it is a bold effort to represent the StasiEast Germany’s secret police force – that shoots high and generally succeeds; a deeply emotional film, played out primarily between three good protagonists, that is grounded by the solid screenplay and skillful directing.

“The Lives of Others” is a strong yet silent picture that is built on hidden ideas and desires.

Wiesler begins by instructing a class on the philosophy and practice of questioning.

Tag your friends along and learn German

The best memory for anyone that likes watching movies is discussing the plot and theme after the film.

If you have friends that are into noir, history, or a new type of cinematography, you already have choices to pick from.

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