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Best francophone cities to learn French

best francophone cities aroud the world to learn french

Immersion takes on a new definition when you decide to learn French with the French.

If you are planning to learn French in some of the best francophone cities from around the world to grow as a Francophile then this list is for you.

learning french with the french

Best cities to learn French in France

You can learn French from anywhere around the world with the help of books, institutes, and other emerging apps and sites. Nevertheless, when you want to learn a language the surrounding environment plays an important role.

When we discuss the “list of bests” the order keeps changing as every city in France has its own set of distinguishing characters, we shall begin the list with one of the most obvious cities in our minds.

1. Paris

Let me guess, you already had Paris on your list even before you read this article and I don’t blame you for being so certain.

Almost everything we learn in French is associated with France especially, Paris. Yes, it is one of the best places to understand French culture on a deeper level. There is a good balance between those magical moments and struggles as an amateur French learner.

Paris offers a lot of French courses and allows us to visualize and experience what we actually learn simultaneously. This multicultural city provides the perfect lessons that are suitable for everyone.

Paris can seem like an expensive city but students have benefited from the top-quality education. With the wide variety of options, I’m sure you will pick one that is up to your alley.


2. Toulouse

Toulouse is the fourth largest city located in the south of France. Surrounded by buildings with pale or pinkish bricks, it earned the nickname “Pink City” and is the home of many major universities with a stream of intensive courses.

This industrial city is comparatively cheap and safe for students to immerse in the authentic French lifestyle. Toulouse brings out a pleasant vibe and has a lot to offer with its rich gastronomy, archaeology, and fine arts.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you just found one more reason to love this place.


3. Nice

Nice is a beautiful city to learn French in a relaxed way. It is a city brimming with a warm welcoming culture. It is known for its pleasant climate, wineries, and beaches to keep you occupied during your free time.

It provides the perfect backdrop to learn French with multiple courses that are comfortable and comprehensible. Nice also has a rich historical background that is highly reflected in its museums, art, theatres, and architecture.

If you want a stress-free routine while working on your French then Nice is the perfect place for you. It pays you back with many priceless moments that could be cherished forever.


4. Montpellier

Preserving its ancient roots, Montpellier is an old soul with a modern twist. It is a vibrant city overflowing with a young population and historical monuments.

Students are drawn to the medieval streets, gorgeous white-sand beaches, and traditional markets. A great option for those, who are looking for affordable and cost-efficient institutes or courses to learn French. It is one of the most preferred study destinations.


5. Lyon

Lyon is a dynamic city with numerous cultural events and festivals. It is termed as the capital city of gastronomy with chic restaurants offering mouth-watering dishes.

In terms of education, it is known for its quality language courses and immersion activities for students and business professionals. Owing to its popularity with students it is better in terms of price.

Lyon is the best place to experience a diverse heritage between historical museums, monuments, and beautiful neighborhoods to walk by.


Best cities to learn French outside France

It’s time to move out of France and focus on other cities to enhance our French. Moreover, with over 29 francophone countries we cannot limit our understanding of French within France.

The following list provides an overview of the best cities to learn French outside France.

1. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a great place to learn French within your budget. The government also offers many free full-time and part-time courses to benefit French enthusiasts. It stands out for its multiculturalism and renowned French programs.

The French spoken in Canada is different from France. It can be quite a challenge at first with its traditional vocabularies and accent but it gets better with time.

You are welcomed by students from all over the world. However, it is possible to get too comfortable at times with many English speakers around. So remember your motive and choose to communicate in French to reap the countless benefits.

montreal, canada

2. Dakar, Senegal

Located along the western side of Africa, Dakar is a lively city that is rich in culture with lots of activities involving music and art.

French is the official language of Dakar and the French spoken here is much slower in comparison to other French-speaking countries.

The people in Dakar are known for their hospitality and generosity. Hence, it would be a fun way to take on a different cultural experience and accent from a non-European country.

The French courses they offer are fast and enjoyable. They provide focused and productive lessons from beginner to advanced level.

All their lessons fit into the student’s budget and it is one of the safest and cheapest cities for living.

dakar, senegal

3. Antananarivo, Madagascar

If you love to combine your love for French and nature together then, Madagascar is an exceptional place. In Antananarivo, French is significantly used in business and tourism.

You can learn French while exploring the wildlife and biodiversity; This island is the home of many rare animals like lemurs.

Similar to its unique species, it offers unique French courses that are fast and enjoyable irrespective of your level. Experience a wonderful French journey and lose yourself in the beauty of Antananarivo.


4. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium’s capital is a charming city renowned for its unique art, gothic cathedrals, and its significant identity, the Atomium.

Though it is bilingual, French is the dominant language. It provides plenty of options to study French with over 12 universities and private schools.

It is another attractive city for students for its affordable cost of living. Besides its distinct Belgian chocolates and waffles, Brussels has a lot to offer for all passionate French learners.

brussels, belgium

Learning French with the French

So, where are you enrolling today? The above list provides a few of my preferred cities to learn French but the list doesn’t end there. There are multiple countries that suit your learning style. Explore the different twists and lessons attached to different Francophone countries.

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