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Best apps to learn German: Top 13 apps that will make you fluent

best apps to learn german

Look no further if you’re looking for German learning apps. We’ll provide you with the best apps to learn German.

Learning German

You may be sure that there is an app to assist you, whether you want to learn German, prepare for a CEFR exam, or brush up on your literacy in the language.

German language study resources were limited in the past.

However, there are a ton of modern premium and free apps that may speed up your learning of German.

We’ll give a summary of the best German apps in this guide. While some of these applications offer comprehensive

German language instruction, others place a stronger emphasis on developing your reading, writing, and vocabulary skills in German.

Discover the top apps for learning German, whether you’re already fluent in the language or are just starting.

German Course Apps

Choose a German course app if you want to learn German from start to finish as you’re in a class.
These apps typically come from businesses that offer lessons in other languages and range in depth and quality.

Let’s look at some of the top German study applications available.

best apps to learn german


Students can now experience German immersion thanks to the italki app. With the app’s help, students can practice conversation skills by speaking with German language tutors and taking courses from German teachers.

Through video lessons with real German teachers and tutors, the italki German app provides students with a simple and efficient route to proficiency. This app is a little more pricy than others but it is proven as the most effective app.

best app to learn german

Rocket German

One of the most comprehensive full-course German language applications in this article is this one from Rocket Languages.
Suppose you want to be properly guided through the learning process. In that case, Rocket German may be the best software to learn German, although it is a little more pricey than its rivals.

Impressive dialogue portions in Rocket German might help you get ready to converse in German with native speakers. This software also offers gamification features and leaderboards that inspire you to achieve your best.

Unfortunately, the Rocket German community and forum could be more active, and adding video would greatly enhance the training.

best app in learning german


An innovative language learning app, Mondly combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) elements.
While Mondly is one of the most exciting full-course German applications, it mostly focuses on learning low-level languages, and several of its features appear superfluous.

You could find it simpler to learn German with an AR tutor in your office or when completely submerged in a VR cafe environment.

However, this kind of learning isn’t for everyone, and several features of this language program, like its chatbot, seem more gimmicky than practical.

best apps in learning german

Babbel German

The Babbel app offers top-notch German course content, perfect for students who wish to augment conventional classroom materials or need an advantage before beginning an in-person German language course.

Students can access a curriculum focusing on listening, speaking, writing, and reading German using the Babbel app. The program includes interactive conversations and voice recognition technology to encourage the quick acquisition of conversational skills.

The Babbel app does not allow users to engage with teachers or other language learners to develop their conversational abilities in real-world situations. Its fill-in-the-blank workout design can also be boring.

best apps for german learning


One of the greatest applications for learning German is Pimsleur. Students receive a thorough German study program using the renowned auditory Pimsleur approach.

The Pimsleur language learning approach was created by Dr. Paul Pimsleur based on how kids learn their native tongues. German language students learn to speak fluently faster by engaging in listening activities.

The app is effective for students who wish to concentrate on speaking and listening comprehension. The company has introduced visual content and quizzes with a gaming feel to accommodate various learning styles.

Some customers believe that the course contents are outdated compared to those offered by competitors.

best apps for german learning


GermanPod101 provides students with tens of thousands of podcast-style lessons focused on their learning objectives.

German native speakers can be heard on audio and video podcasts. With pronunciation, watching and listening to these tutors is quite helpful.

The course’s video production quality varies from video to video. Older classes need to be rewritten; newer lessons provide students with a better user experience. Additionally, the course performs a poor job of covering grammar training.

best app for german learning


For those learning German, the Duolingo app provides a course with hundreds of brief, individualized sessions. The software asks students these questions up front to personalize the learning experience.

According to the firm, 34 hours of Duolingo study are equivalent to one semester of an in-person language school, depending on the following factors: – Reason for learning German – Weekly time commitment for the course – Language proficiency.

Duolingo aims to make learning languages enjoyable and available to everyone. The German language lessons in the app are structured like games that present difficulties and rewards as one advances through different learning stages.

Participants in the course are aware that every student learns uniquely. Students can access exclusive Duolingo features through the app, including interactive tales, live events, and podcasts that aid in speaking, reading, and listening comprehension.

While they commend the technology, Duolingo app users acknowledge that it won’t be enough to make a novice fluent in German.

Additionally, the Duolingo smartphone course does not give proficiency certifications and does not adhere to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages.



Both beginning and experienced learners of the German language can benefit from the Fluenz app. Courses on the Fluenz app combine material emphasizing speaking, reading, writing, and listening comprehension in a virtual setting resembling a typical classroom.

The instructional videos are of a very good caliber. The correct combination of repetition and pronunciation makes the Fluenz app worthwhile for novices to consider.

There are five levels of Fluenz classes. The easiest level is level one, while the hardest is level five. The content cannot be altered.

There is no option for a student to test out of a block of classes, but a learner can skip sessions to go on to more difficult work. Even seasoned German language students sometimes struggle with where to begin their studies.

German Reading and Writing Apps

In contrast to the applications below, which concentrate solely on literacy, German course apps typically offer information on how to read and write this language.
Learn to read and write German by using the applications in this category.



With its app-accessible flashcard-based German vocabulary and verb courses, Brainscape uses scientific cognitive research to accelerate learning.

The Brainscape app has a learning system that lets users access verb conjugation and vocabulary flashcards that are progressively harder based on their unique proficiency levels.

The Brainscape app focuses on teaching grammar rather than practicing speaking German in everyday situations.

test zur deutsch

Test Zur Deutsch Grammatik A1-A2-B1-B2-C1

With the help of this app, students can access challenging yet clear lectures on advanced German grammar and vocabulary.

The sessions prepare students for German language competency exams and adhere to CEFR standards. This program does not prioritize conversational German and is not intended for beginners.

german complete grammar

German Complete Grammar

With thousands of multiple-choice questions for each level, the German Complete Grammar app instructs students in German grammatical structures from Level A1 to Level C1.

For students at the intermediate and expert levels, this software offers thorough courses in German grammar; alongside Google Translate, the app functions. Users discovered a few mistakes in some of the multiple choice grammar tasks.

14,000 deutsche verben

14,000 Deutsche Verben

Over 14,000 verbs in all tenses are conjugated in the 14,000 Deutsche Verben app, a German grammar aid.

Users of the program can create a list of frequently used verbs for specialized conjugation study. It has a voice component that provides the right verb pronunciation in all tenses.

The app is accessible to students without an internet connection. There is no ad-free, premium version of the app, and the advertisements that appear while using the app online are obtrusive.

der die das

Der Die Das

A top resource for teaching nouns and articles in German is the Der Die Das app.

Students can swiftly search for articles using the Der Die Das app’s dictionary style by typing in specific words. The program also includes quizzes that play out like games and help users remember nouns, genders, and related articles.

Students cannot learn nouns and articles in context using the app’s lack of usage examples in phrases.

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