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7 Intermediate Books for Learning French that Teens Will Love

best books for teens to learn french intermediate

If your teenager is a bookworm, perhaps this is the right way to improve French. Reading books is one of the most effective ways to build vocabulary and improve comprehension. However, teenagers, have their own world of interest and may not be interested in literature for adults.

Here are my recommended intermediate French books for teens that will keep them interested in learning French.

If you are looking for the best book for your teenager learning French, stick with us.

Understanding Teenage Mind

Hormones are shifting, your teenager is one hour satisfied, the other angry with the whole world. It’s a whole new stage in your child’s life. In this period, the most significant changes occur in their brain. Some of them, will shift their focus, and find they are no longer interested in the same things as before. One thing is certain, during this period, teenagers are focused on their own physical and mental transformation.

Teenagers now need to understand themselves first. Because all the changes they are going through seem overwhelming. Reading the right books can actually help them not only build their eloquence or vocabulary but also better understand their transformation.

best books for teenagers to learn french hunger games

What are Books for Teens all About?

Reading the right books can actually help them not only build their eloquence or vocabulary, but also better understand their transformation.

Growing up is one of the most relatable human experiences. We all have experienced it. Whenever we face a new challenge or learn from a new experience, we are always learning new things about ourselves.

Literature for young adults or literature jeunesse focuses on life in the mid-range between childhood and adulthood. A tween or teenager is usually the main character in these books. Characters are typically coming of age in these books. There are many advantages to reading young adult books. These books provide a way to re-experience one’s teenage years for adult readers.

Popular Books for Teenagers

The popularity of children’s classics such as  “Harry Potter,” and “The Hunger Games,” is not yet fading. The popular movie adaptations are just adding to their popularity. Amongst teens, English language novels are extremely popular. Universal topics of transition between childhood and adulthood are what appeal the most to teenagers.

Intermediate Level Books

The books in this intermediate-level series are also great for building French language skills. All of these classics introduce your teen to new vocabulary and common jargon, while exposing them to more advanced grammar structures. If the book seems too complex for understanding, then opt for bilingual books. Here is the list of most popular teen books to read in French. The headlines will lead you to the French-translated books.

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

by Stephen Chbosky

the perks of being a wallflower intermediate english boosk for teenagers (1)

This became a cult classic for teenagers, especially popular after the release of the book-based movie. The story is told through the eyes of a teenager, Charlie. It tackles the daily trials most teenagers face, including some controversial topics, such as teen pregnancy or suicide. At the core of the book is the role of friendship, family, and love that helps overcome the difficulties that come with maturing. There’s also a movie, so some teens may get attracted by the movie first.

2. The Hunger Games series

by Suzanne Collins

hunger games covers learn english books for teenagers teens

The Hunger Game series has been gaining popularity in the past years. It consists of four sci-fi dystopian adventure films, set in ruined North America, where the world is divided into impoverished districts.  Every year, one person from each district is chosen to compete against the other. The story revolves around Katniss Everdeen, the brave girl who reveals gradually the wicked game they are all involved in.

3. The Catcher in the Rye

by J.D. Salinger

catcher in the rye english books for teenagers intermediate level

The American classic is obligatory literature in high schools all over America. Originally intended for adults but is often read by adolescents and its critiques’ superficiality in society. At its time, the book was controversial, especially for profanity and sexual references.

4. Fahrenheit 451

by Ray Bradbury

fahrenheit 451 english books for teenagers

Another dystopian book that talks about a possible far-future world where books are outlawed, and television reigns the everyday life. The totalitarian regime takes place and strives to burn all the books and history. But one fireman begins to see the value of the printed word. Read the book report to learn more.

5. Twilight series

by Stephenie Meyer

twilight saga series 1 learn french intermediate teens

17-year-old Bella Swan leaves her home to live with her father in another city. Troubles to fit in do not bypass Bella either. One day she meets Edward, a handsome boy at school. However, Edward is not wholly human. Twilight may be the most popular book series about vampires in general.

6. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series

by Ann Brashares

the sisterhood of the traveling pants

4 Teenagers, Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and Bridget are embarking on an adventure during summer, that will change their lives forever. A group of girlfriends, who stick together at all times, are now separated for the first time and must deal with their difficulties alone. But, they all have a pair of jeans, that turns to bring luck to each one of them. This pair of traveling pants will reunite the girls and absorb their stories.

7. Dune

by Frank Herbert

dune book and movie learn french for teens

 Dune takes place in the distant future among a feudal interstellar society populated by various noble houses. It tells the story of young Paul Atreides, whose family accepts the responsibility of taking care of the planet Arrakis. While the planet is inhospitable, it is the only source of mélange, or “spice”, a drug that extends life and enhances mental abilities.

Read Your Way to French

Understanding the vocabulary is perhaps the reason why many French students give up on reading, even though reading can immensely help you on a way to French fluency. There are a couple of things to consider when choosing the right book for your teen in the clouds.  As they are at a specially gentle age and easily lose focus or interest, the book for teens should tick two boxes :

  • should be at the right French level
  • it should focus on topics interesting to a teenager

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